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Wooden Flowers for Spring – Live Laugh Rowe

Wooden Flowers Arranged in Front of Window

As the seasons transition and the days lengthen, it’s the perfect time to infuse your living space with a touch of whimsy and warmth. What better way to do so than with some handmade wooden flowers?

Wooden Flowers Arranged in Front of Window

Spring brings with it a burst of colors, fragrances, and the promise of new beginnings. So, to celebrate the season of growth and rejuvenation, let’s add a touch of nature’s beauty to your home decor. These handmade wooden flowers offer a charming and timeless alternative to traditional blooms.

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Of course, these delightful creations add a playful element to your decor and bring a sense of joy and brightness into any room. You can create a whimsical arrangement that will brighten any space with just a few simple wooden rounds, dowels, and scrapbook paper. Basically, this is a crazy easy and fun project to do with your gal pals.

Let’s explore how to make these wooden flowers and unleash your creativity for the spring season ahead.

How to Make Wooden Flowers for Spring

Materials Needed:

Wood Cubes (2×2)
3″ Wood Circles
Wood Stack Checkers (1.26×1.26×0.31)
Circle Wood Shapes (2.01×2.01×0.2)
Dowel (1/4″ x 36″)
Scrapbook Paper and Pencil
Tacky Glue
Portable Drill Guide, optional
Acrylic Paint
Pain Brush (or makeup wedges)

Instructions for Making Wooden Flowers:

Pictures of how to make wooden flowersPictures of how to make wooden flowers

Step One:
Gather all your supplies in a well-lit, spacious workspace. Lay out your dowels, wood rounds, square blocks, scrapbook paper, glue, and any additional paints or brushes you may need.

Secondly, cut the dowels to 5″, 6″, and 7-1/2″ (or your desired sizes) for the stems.

Step Two:
Using the 2 and 3″ wood circles and the 2×2 cubes, trace and cut out your circles and squares for your flowers. For mine, I decided to cover all four sides of the cubes and both the front and back of the 3″ circles. Feel free to customize your flowers to your liking.

Step Three:
Using a 1/4″ drill bit, drill 1/2″ into the wood cubes. We used a portable drill guide to help keep the drill hole straight up and down. When drilling into a smaller object, the drill guide is extremely helpful.

Step Four:
Grab wood rounds, cubes, scrapbooking paper, and tacky glue.

We’re halfway there!
Instructions for wood flowersInstructions for wood flowers

Step Five:
Before we start attaching the scrapbook paper. Due to how thin my 3″ wood rounds were, I glued two together to add a little more thickness. At the bottom of the post, I shared a side view of the wooden flowers so you can visually see what I’m talking about.

Obviously, now we’ll start using the tacky glue to attach all of the paper cut-outs to the appropriate rounds and cubes.

Additionally, trimming the paper edges will most likely be required once they’ve been glued into place.

*Note: I originally planned to only attach the paper to the top of the wood cubes. However, after the fact, I also decided to add paper to all four sides of the cube.

Step Six:
Allow for the tacky glue to dry. Grab some sandpaper or sanding block and sand all of the edges of the wood rounds and the cube.

Step Seven:
Paint the appropriate number of wood checkers with your colors of choice. I used Folk Art (6456) Mossy Meadow, Folk Art (7018) Pueblo, and DecoArt Americana Blush Pink.

Allow to dry, and add a little scruff using the sandpaper or sanding block.

Glueing flowers togetherGlueing flowers together

Assembling the Wooden Flowers

Step Eight:
Glue the wood checker to the 2″ wood round. After that, we’ll glue the 2″ wood round (with the check on it) to the 3″ wood round. Allow to dry.

Place the dowels into the drill holes. Lay the flowers face down and attach the dowel using the tacky glue. Allow to dry.

Add ribbon (optional), and you’re done!

Side View of Whimsical Flowers made from woodSide View of Whimsical Flowers made from wood

Since these are wooden flowers, they’re reusable, so you can enjoy them year after year without the need for constant replacement. In addition to being a delightful addition to your own home, wooden flower crafts also make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, a handmade bouquet of wooden flowers is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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Whimsical Wood Flower PairingWhimsical Wood Flower Pairing

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or not, creating your own wooden flowers is a fun and rewarding experience that will bring joy and beauty into your life. So why not pick up some supplies and let your creativity bloom?

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