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Winter Birds Craft for Preschoolers

CD winter bird craft for toddlers and preschoolers - Happy Hooligans

Here’s an easy winter birds craft for preschoolers and toddlers.  We’ve used some old cds to make a blue jay and a cardinal.  This is a great activity craft for a preschool winter bird unit or for a child who’s been studying the birds at the bird feeder this winter.

Older kids and adults will love our painted cardboard bird craft.

I love using old cds for crafting because they’re free, and you can turn them into just about anything! They’re particulary good for making bird crafts with.  Add a few feathers, googly eyes and a beak to a CD, and you instantly have a pudgy, adorable bird.

CD winter bird craft for toddlers and preschoolers - Happy Hooligans

We made our CD blue jay and cardinal as Christmas tree ornaments but of course, they’re perfect for a January or February craft because that’s when these vibrant birds are most noticeable in our yards.  Their colours stand out so vividly against the white snow at this time of year.

We’re so fortunate to see the blue jays flying from tree to tree every day here in our yard.  And several times a week, the neighbourhood cardinal stops by to perch on our fence.  They are both such beautiful species’ of birds.

To make our CD winter birds craft, you’ll need:

supplies for making cd winter birds craftsupplies for making cd winter birds craft

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  • old cds or dvds
  • acrylic craft paint in various shades of red and blue
  • googly eyes
  • yellow craft foam or card stock
  • red and blue craft feathers
  • paint brush
  • glue
  • fishing line or metallic thread for hanging

Making our birds:

We started by painting our cds.

Almost every craft we do here starts with paint.  Even if the project will be eventually covered up with tissue paper or tin foil or whatever material we’re working with, I love to start the hooligans off with paint because kids LOVE painting.

painting a cd redpainting a cd red

Even when we’re working with just one colour (blue for the blue jay, and red for the cardinal),  I usually set out several shades of each colour so the kids can experiment with colour mixing and blending.

For the blue jay, I set out a plastic paint pallet containing navy blue, royal blue, and baby blue. For the cardinal, the pallet held shades of burgundy and bright red.

When the cds were painted, I gave them a blast with the hair dryer.  My regular readers are probably tired of hearing that, but some of you might not know about this trick.  A hair dryer is a great way to dry paint or glue quickly when you’re crafting with kids!  I keep a spare hair dryer in the craft room for just this purpose.

With the paint dry, I looped some metallic thread through the center of the CD so we’d be able to hang up our birds when they were finished.

child gluing beak on a blue jay made from a cdchild gluing beak on a blue jay made from a cd
adding eyes to the cd blue jayadding eyes to the cd blue jay

Next, we added the beaks and googly eyes.

gluing craft feathers on a cdgluing craft feathers on a cd

Then, to finish,  we flipped our cds over, and glued craft feathers to the backs of the cds.  We used two types of craft feathers – some were long and thin, and some were short and fluffy.

cd blue bird craftcd blue bird craft

Don’t you love how a pair of googly eyes instantly brings a craft to life?

We hung ours on the Christmas tree initially, but now, with the holidays over, we’ll need to find a new place for our birds to roost.

cd cardinal and cd blue jaycd cardinal and cd blue jay

I’m thinking they’ll add a nice pop of colour to a window during these bleak winter months.

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