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Home » Wine Cork Crows – a Cute, Quirky Craft for Fall

Wine Cork Crows – a Cute, Quirky Craft for Fall

Wine Cork Crows - Happy Hooligans

Ok, these little wine cork crows are just too cute!  They’re super-easy to make, and they’re just so quirky and adorable.

Wine Cork Crows - Happy Hooligans

Most people don’t think of crows as being “adorable”, but we’ve made some very cute ones here over the years.  Check out our paper plate crows and our toilet roll crows to see what I mean.

The latest addition to our collection are these simple wine cork crows that we made the other day.

The hooligans love the wine cork owls I made for them a few years back.  They’ve taken up residence in our doll house, and they’re played with often.  I thought it would be fun to make some “friends” for our owls, and of course, with it being Fall, and crow crafts popping up all over Pinterest, the idea for these little guys came to me.

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You could use your crows as table toppers for a fall feast or harvest dinner, or they can be used in a Halloween display.  Hey, wouldn’t they be a great accessory for a haunted house craft?

To make our wine cork crows, you’ll need:

  • Wine corks
  • black paint
  • paintbrush
  • googly eyes
  • yellow craft foam or card stock
  • black tissue paper (or craft feathers)
  • white glue
  • skewers (to hold your corks while painting them)

We started by pushing our corks onto skewers so they’d be easy to hold while painting them.

Then we brushed on a quick coat of black paint.

painting wine corks blackpainting wine corks black

We set our corks in a vase to dry, but you could speed up the process with a blast from a hair dryer.

black wine corksblack wine corks

Next, we glued on the googly eyes and beaks.

gluing googly eyes on cork craftgluing googly eyes on cork craft

Aren’t they starting to look like crows already?

wine cork crow craftwine cork crow craft

At first I wasn’t going to bother with wings, because they really did look very cute just like this, but I figured wings would really complete them.

I toyed around with what to use – I didn’t have any black craft feathers, so I rifled through my craft cupboard looking for anything that could double as “feathers”, and I happened upon a piece of black tissue paper.


I tore a rectangular strip of the black tissue paper, and crumpled it a bit to form the wings.

We glued the wings to the backs of the corks, and voila…

3 wine cork crows on skewers3 wine cork crows on skewers

Adorable wine cork crows!

crow craft for kidscrow craft for kids

You know what?  I’ll bet you could swap out the yellow beaks for white fangs and make some adorable wine cork bats for Halloween!

Aha!  My next cork craft of the season!

And when fall comes to an end, I’m planning on making a bunch of these adorable cork snowmen and sweet Santa Corks!

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