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Vintage Patriotic Vignettes with Unexpected Items – DIY Beautify

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Decorate a patriotic vintage style vignette using unexpected items you already have around your home! Check
out these affordable ideas below.

7 creative ways to decorate patriotic vignettes

We all collect different items in our homes, based on what we love, what we
collect, what’s been handed down to us, etc. You may not have any of the items
I’ve listed below, but take a look around your home and use what you DO have!
Use my ideas as a jumping off point to springboard your own creativity and put
together your own unique patriotic vignettes!

Tips to keep in mind:

  1. Your home is your own, decorate with what you love!
  2. Almost anything red, white and blue can work in a patriotic vignette
  3. Walk around your home and look for items that maybe you’ve never thought
    to use as decor!
  4. Keep an open mind, challenge yourself not to spend any money but use
    what you already have
I’ve been making my own ‘chippy spindles’ for years, and they all started as a
curbside chair and old crib rail that I’ve cut up and chippy-ed myself for
free! If you want to know exactly how I do it, you can see my
easy chippy paint technique here. Last year I painted a few small
red, white and blue spindles
just for patriotic decor. The addition of a little hand stamped tag using
alphabet stamps
permanent black ink and a homespun fabric tie adds the perfect patriotic touch.

You can tuck a few chippy spindles anywhere! Inside mason jars, tied in a
bundle, or add a few to a tiered tray.

3. Scrap fabric

If you’re like me and have a drawer full of scrap fabric, grab some blue and
red scraps and make DIY flags. These ones have the cutest little flag poles
made from a dowel rod and wood bead. You can coffee stain the fabric if you
want more of a primitive, vintage look. For more
details on making and displaying scrap fabric flags, click here.

Designer tip: for instant patriotic decor, tuck a flag into a plant! Use
handmade flags or the store-bought mini flags!


4. Paint and dollar store wood pieces

It’s very easy to create a rustic and weathered American flag using paint and
wood pieces from the dollar store. The finished wood flag is sturdy and can
stand by itself. For details on making a
dollar store wood flag, click here. This one cost me $5 to make! It’s a great piece for layering with your
other patriotic pieces, but can stand alone as a shelf sitter as well.

5. Baseballs

Got any old baseballs gathering dust in the garage? Put them to use in your
patriotic decor! Baseballs are quintessentially American and summer. They are
such a fun and unexpected item to use when creating Americana vignettes, and
the dirtier and more weathered, the better!

Stack baseballs in a dough bowl, pile them in a cloche or simply sprinkle them
around your vignette. They will add patriotic charm and a little unexpected

6. Painted bottles

Last year I found a set of 6 small glass milk bottles in a wood crate on
clearance at Hobby Lobby. I painted the bottles, added a Santa tag and tied
red ticking ribbon around the rims. You can see how I made the
Christmas bottles here. I simply turned them backwards and added a few of the white bottles to my
patriotic display. They resemble
vintage milk bottles, another item that was so common back in the day. Tuck a flag into the
bottles, add them to a pedestal stand, or simply use to fill in dead space in
a vignette! Can’t find the bottles? Recycle your Starbucks glass bottle!

7. Old books

Stacks of old books can add interesting layers and patina to your vintage
vignettes! For a unexpected twist, I removed a drawer from my painted dresser
and lined up a series of old books, with their grubby pages facing out. Any
hard cover books can be grungied up and patinaed using coffee or tea
stain to give them the look of age.
Let me know in the comments if you’d like a tutorial on exactly how to do

Designer Tips:

  1. layer your vignette for more interest
  2. add texture in the form of wood, metal, baskets, etc
  3. add in some antique or old books
  4. if you need a neutral backdrop, do what I did. Glue 6
    Dollar Tree vintage ‘metal’ tiles
    to a piece of
    MDF or plywood
    and paint with
    white chalk paint. It’s lightweight, easy to move, and creates an instant background to
    a vignette.

I would love to know which of these unexpected ideas sparked your interest?

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