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Transportation Colouring Pages for Boys

6 Printable Vehicle Colouring Pages for Boys - Happy Hooligans
If you have boys who love to colour or if you’d like to get your little guy interested in colouring, here are 6 Free printable colouring pages for boys who love vehicles. Great for quiet time! Grab the crayons and get your boys colouring today! 

When my boys were young, they just weren’t into colouring. One is a graphic designer now, and the other is en route to becoming a carpenter, so they’re definitely creative, but when they were toddlers and preschoolers, my boys preferred playing to colouring or crafting. And when they played, my boys loved any activity that involved vehicles. Cars, trucks, boats, airplanes… those boys were obsessed with anything that had wheels or an engine.

6 Printable Vehicle Colouring Pages for Boys - Happy Hooligans

I found that I could get my boys colouring, however, if I provided them with colouring books and colouring pages that featured vehicles. My guys were passionate about motorbikes, trucks and cars and construction vehicles, and they would sit and colour for quite a while if I provided them with pictures of those to colour.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to get a child interested in an activity they wouldn’t normally show an interest in; you just need to incorporate your child’s personal interests into the activity.

For that reason, I’ve created 6 printable colouring pages for boys who like vehicles. Hopefully these colouring pages will spark your little boys’ interest in colouring and serve as a quiet, calming activity for them.

This collection of 6 individual colouring pages includes:

  • boat colouring page
  • helicopter colouring page
  • motorcycle colouring page
  • 2 scooters colouring page
  • hot air balloon colouring page
  • train colour by number colouring page

6 vehicle coloring pages for boys6 vehicle coloring pages for boys

6 Transportation Coloring Pages for Boys6 Transportation Coloring Pages for Boys

Thanks to Alecia from Learning To Walk for designing these colouring pages for Happy Hooligans.

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