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Home » Toilet Roll Snowflake Wreath – Happy Hooligans

Toilet Roll Snowflake Wreath – Happy Hooligans

Toilet Roll Snowflake Wreath

This Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake Wreath is made by cutting painted cardboard rolls into circles and gluing them together. It’s a fun and easy to for kids to decorate a window or door at home or in the classroom this winter.

Toilet Roll Snowflake Wreath Toilet Roll Snowflake Wreath

Hey guys! Remember the PVC pipe snowflake wreath I featured in my round-up of snowflake crafts a few years back?

Well, the other day, I made a kid-friendly version of that project using toilet paper rolls!  

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It’s a great craft to keep kids busy on a winter afternoon, and it uses materials you already have around the house, which is a bonus if you’re stuck at home due to cold weather or (ugh) lockdown, and you’re running low on craft supplies.

Making this snowflake was easy and a lot of fun, and now we have a lovely decoration to hang on a window or door while we ride out this last stretch of winter.

toilet roll snowflaketoilet roll snowflake

Young kids may need some assistance measuring and gluing the circles that make up the arms of the snowflake, but they’ll be able to paint, cut, tape and sort them by size with very little help. Older kids will be able to work quite independently on this project. 

If you’re interested in making our snowflake for a window or door in your home or classroom, pop over to CBC Parents for the instructions and the step-by-step photos!

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