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Toilet Paper Roll Icicles – Happy Hooligans

Toilet Paper Roll Icicle Craft

These Toilet Paper Roll Icicles are fun and easy for kids to make using cardboard rolls, paint and string. String them across a window at home or in the classroom for a touch of colour and whimsy this winter.

Toilet Paper Roll Icicle Craft Toilet Paper Roll Icicle Craft

If you have crafty kids and you’re stuck at home with a dwindling stash of craft supplies, a toilet paper roll roll craft can really save the day.

We all have oodles of these cardboard rolls in our recycle bin, and you can turn them into almost anything.

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Our latest toilet roll creation is this simple icicle craft. It’s a pretty string of pastel-coloured icicles that we’ve hung across our dining room window.

toilet paper roll icicles strung across windowtoilet paper roll icicles strung across window

These icicles were super-easy to make, and require only a few basic supplies: toilet paper rolls, paint and string. You can glitter your icicles, or keep them simple, like we did, by blending a few soft paint colours.

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To display your icicles, string them together so they span the width of the window, or tape them individually to the glass or window frame.

tp roll icicles square imagetp roll icicles square image

For instructions and step-by-step photos, pop over to CBC Parents to see how we made them.

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