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Home » Three Steps to a Spring Hanging Basket Bouquet – DIY Beautify

Three Steps to a Spring Hanging Basket Bouquet – DIY Beautify

hanging basket on mirror, pink tulips, drop cloth carrots

Decorate a hanging basket with tulips and faux carrots for an easy
10-minute unique Spring bouquet. Follow the tips below to create this

I have a bit of a basket obsession and my collection is rather large. I
justify it because I have found so many uses for baskets! I used them
extensively in my office to hold craft supplies, I use them for plants and to
display dishes. In fact, here are
9 creative ways to use baskets in home decor
– some you may not have thought of. 

A pretty hanging basket can make a really beautiful and unique Spring bouquet
and I’m sharing tips for putting this look together. It’s a very quick, 3-step
project that you can use as a front door welcome instead of a wreath, or
anywhere in your home!

Easy Spring Hanging Basket Bouquet

I’ve had this grapevine hanging basket for several years and have used it in
many different ways and for all seasons.

I recently gave it a quick update with a little tag and thought it would be a
great vessel for an easy Spring bouquet. A hanging basket is a piece you will
use over and over again, it’s so easy to get different looks for different
seasons. Use the tips below as a jumping off point to decorate a hanging
basket for anytime of the year.

Here’s what you’ll need to get this look.

As always, shop your local stores for the best prices. I’m sharing Amazon
links here for your convenience.


This particular basket is pretty narrow but has a wide opening. It’s also
really inexpensive (normally $9.99, now on sale for only $4.99) and has a
rustic grapevine look reminiscent of bird’s nests. This makes it the perfect
basket to create this easy Spring bouquet!

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, follow the steps below to create your
Spring basket bouquet.

Step One – padding

To keep the floral stems and carrots from disappearing inside the basket, you
need to stuff or pad the basket with something. If your basket is solid, I
would suggest staying cheap and using crumpled plastic bags or whatever else
you might have at home.

Because my woven basket has openings, I used natural excelsior (really just
wood shavings) to give a natural feel.

I first loosely separated the excelsior from one big clump, and then gently
tucked it into the base of my basket like so. Not only does this fill the dead
space at the bottom of the basket, it gives the floral stems and carrots
something to tuck into.

Step Two – flowers

The next step was to tuck in the flowers as a pretty and colorful backdrop.
These tulips come in a set of 30 but I only used about 12 to get this look. I
just inserted the stems into the excelsior across the back of the basket. This
was easiest to do when the basket was lying flat.

Step Three – carrots

Finally, to finish off this basket bouquet, I added the drop cloth carrots
that I made. I tucked them into the space leftover in front of the tulips, for
a snug fit. The carrot tops hide much of the tulip stems and greenery, giving
this filled basket the look of a bouquet.

And that’s it! This Spring bouquet is bursting with color and rustic goodness.
I hung it from a mirror at our entryway because I love how the mirror reflects
the contents and makes it appear even fuller!

You can hang a Spring basket bouquet as a unique welcome at your front door,
or even from the front of a dresser or cabinet.

I hope you love this easy Spring decorating idea!

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