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These Coastal Paint Colors Will Refresh Your Home

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These Coastal Paint Colors Will Refresh Your Home

There are many ways to incorporate the coastal design trend in your home, whether through wall art of shoreside scenes or seashell-inspired treasures displayed on end tables. But one of the most effective and subtle ways to evoke coastal feelings is by curating a dreamy color palette. Soft blues, creamy neutrals, and earth-inspired shades all embody the coastal aesthetic, which is defined by its peaceful, inviting nature.

If you don’t want to lean fully into this design style with more obvious motifs, coastal-inspired paint colors allow you to partake in an understated way that will stand the test of time. Ahead, interior designers share the coastal paint colors that will help you bring this aesthetic effortlessly into your home.

Denim Blue


Variations of denim blue are a beautiful way to bring the coastal aesthetic into your home. For the perfect shade, try Sherwin-Williams’ 2024 color of the year: Upward SW 6239. This paint is a “very breezy and airy color, which is at the core of the coastal vibe trend,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. She recommends pairing it with white or navy paint colors. “This shade also pairs well with warm brown accents like wooden furniture, which is another staple of this aesthetic,” she adds.

Additional denim blue paint colors to try:

Cool White

Don Hebert

A neutral base is the foundation of any coastal color palette. For this, Tiffany Cassidy of Lagnappe Custom Interiors opts for paint colors with sandy tones, such as Sherwin-Williams 7004 Snowbound, a cool white with subtle grayish-beige undertones. “This is an excellent starting point for adding all sorts of colors,” she says. For more of a punch but still keeping it light and fresh, we love Benjamin Moore 2128-70 Lily White.”

Additional cool white paint colors to try:

True Gray

Bethany Nauert | Designed by Amy Peltier

Gray is a grounding neutral that pairs well with a range of colors, allowing you to create a cohesive, coastal-inspired color palette. For a true gray, consider Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, which strikes the perfect balance between cool and warm tones. In this room, it complements the coastal blue headboard and linen-hued details.

Additional gray paint colors to try:

Butter Yellow

Courtesy Benjamin Moore

For a pop of color that doesn’t stray far from a neutral, consider a charming butter yellow shade like Chestertown Buff by Benjamin Moore. The deep hue features a hint of orange undertones and pairs well with other coastal colors, like creams and whites.

Additional butter yellow paint colors to try:

Charcoal Gray

Meredith Huck

For a deeper gray, try Wall Street by Sherwin-Williams, a cool charcoal gray that also pairs well with whites and creams. “Sherwin-Williams’ Wall Street is a soft yet impactful coastal color that effortlessly enhances any space with its sophisticated, cool undertones,” says Meredith Huck, owner and principal designer of House of Huck. “Wall Street adds a touch of elegance and depth to your interiors.”

Additional charcoal-gray paint colors to try:

Soft Green

Photography: Margaret Rajic | Designed by Kelsey Haywood

Paint colors inspired by nature are a guaranteed way to make your space feel more coastal. For a soft green hue, try Farrow and Ball’s Green Smoke No. 47. In this bedroom designed by Kelsey Haywood, owner and principal designer of Haywoodmade Interiors, Green Smoke evokes a sense of calm, while simultaneously creating a lived-in look.

Additional soft green paint colors to try:


Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

For an inviting blue-gray, try Benjamin Moore’s Smokestack Gray, which has the slightest hint of green in its undertone. In this staircase landing, the shade was paired with a crisp white hue, giving Smokestack a bolder appearance. In a color-drenched space, the color has a moody feel that still works with the coastal design style.

Additional blue-gray paint colors to try:

Light Blue

Courtesy of BEHR

Reminiscent of the ocean and a cheerful summer sky, light blue is the ultimate color choice for the coastal aesthetic. For a particularly beautiful iteration, try Streetwise by BEHR. “My favorite coastal accent color is Streetwise from BEHR. It pairs perfectly with neutrals like Blank Canvas and Even Better Beige and light wood tones for an airy vibe,” says Cara Newhart, interior designer and ambassador for BEHR. “I also love pairing it with deep terra cotta accents and pottery for a moodier coastal feel.”

Additional light blue paint colors to try:

Creamy White

Marisa Vitale | Designed by Amy Peltier

If you love the clean and classic aesthetic of white paint but don’t want a hue that feels too stark, try Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. The creamy off-white shade works in a variety of lighting conditions and will instantly brighten any space. In this bedroom, designed by Amy Peltier, owner and principal designer of Peltier Interiors, the color offers a bright backdrop for the room’s soft palette of blues, pinks, and grays.

Additional creamy white paint colors to try:

Warm Peach

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Peach will conjure feelings of sitting on a sandy beach or watching a beautiful cotton candy sunset. For the perfect shade turn to Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster Modern Emulsion No. 231, which features undertones of peach, terra cotta, and beige, for a dreamy look that feels instantly inviting.

Additional peach paint colors to try: