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The Most Popular Home Renovation Projects This Summer—and What They’ll Cost You

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The Most Popular Home Renovation Projects This Summer—and What They'll Cost You

Summer is prime time for home improvement projects as the warm weather and longer days make it easier to get things done. Plus, summer is peak entertaining season, so you want your home to look nice when guests come over for barbecues and pool parties.

The only downside is that home improvement projects can be expensive—especially if you have a lot on your list. To help you prepare and budget, Thumbtack just released a breakdown of the most-booked home improvement projects of summer—and how much each will cost you.

The Most-Booked Indoor Improvement Projects

Want to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls this season? You’re not alone. According to the report, the number one booked project of summer is interior painting—even floor painting and coating has increased by 40 percent year over year.

If you’re looking for a fresh color for your walls, experts at Thumbtack are seeing designers and homeowners use a lot of pinks, greens, peaches, and oranges right now.

  1. Interior painting ($1.21-$3.25 per square foot)
  2. Furniture assembly ($120-$150 on average)
  3. TV mounting ($12 to $150 on average)
  4. Floor installation or replacement ($1,505 on average)
  5. Carpet cleaning ($150-$200 on average)
  6. Drywall repair and texturing ($250-$400 on average)
  7. Bathroom remodel ($245 — $466 per square foot on average)
  8. Lighting installation ($150-$250 on average)
  9. Home organizing ($60-$75 per hour on average)
  10. Home remodeling (price depends upon rooms being remodeled)

The Most-Booked Maintenance Projects

Homeowners are preparing their home for a hot summer. According to Thumbtack’s report, duct and vent repair is up 112 percent year over year, while air conditioning repair or maintenance is up 242 percent.

Sustainability-focused projects are also a priority for homeowners. Experts at Thumbtack are seeing more people installing timer-driven automatic sprinkler systems, adding double hung windows, and making insulation updates to improve energy efficiency. 

  1. Handyman ($60-$75 per hour)
  2. Appliance repair or maintenance ($80 on average)
  3. Junk removal ($150-$225 on average)
  4. Electrical and wiring repair ($75-$95 per hour on average)
  5. Sprinkler and irrigation system repair and maintenance ($100 on average)
  6. Plumbing pipe repair ($89-$117 per hour on average)
  7. Plumbing drain repair ($89-$129 per hour on average)
  8. Central A/C maintenance or repair ($80 on average)
  9. Pest control services ($100-$140 on average)
  10. Garage door repair ($125-$200 on average)
  11. Gutter cleaning and maintenance ($200-$250 on average)

The Most-Booked Outdoor Projects

Outdoor landscaping is at top of mind for many homeowners this summer, with the most-booked outdoor projects including chores like lawn mowing, tree trimming, pressure washing, and fence installation.

“There’s been a major uptick in wooden hardscaping, including decks, patios, walkways, pergolas and arbors,” Bret Douglas, owner of Ironclad Landscape Management in Florida, told Thumbtack. However, projects like sod installation have decreased in popularity by 25 percent as more homeowners look for natural alternatives to turf lawns.

  1. Lawn mowing ($55-$70 per hour)
  2. Full service lawn care ($1,034-$5,720 on average)
  3. Outdoor landscaping and design ($1,034-$5,720 on average)
  4. Tree trimming and removal ($490 on average)
  5. Pressure washing ($250-$350 on average)
  6. Fence and gate installation ($7-$45 per linear foot on average)
  7. Roof repair or maintenance ($223-$775 on average)
  8. Concrete installation ($3-$10 per square foot on average)
  9. Exterior painting ($3,014-$8,117 on average)
  10. Deck or porch remodel or addition ($3,564-$10,750 on average)