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Stick Weaving – Weaving on a Y-Shaped Stick

Stick Weaving - Weaving on a Y-Shaped Stick

For this easy stick weaving activity, all you need is a sturdy Y-shaped stick, colourful yarn and a sewing needle.

If you’ve been enjoying all of our weaving projects, I have another fun one for your kids to try. Stick Weaving!

With stick weaving, your loom is a Y-shaped stick, which you can find in your backyard or when you’re out for a nature walk. Don’t you love incorporating natural items in your crafts and activities?

The weaving process is the same as it is with any weaving project. You just go in and out of the warp threads, working your way up and down the “Y” to create your design.

The older girls (ages 8-12) in my daycare love a good yarn craft, so this kept them entertained for quite a while, and they produced some really cool pieces of art.

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Stringing a stick loom is a little trickier than stringing a cardboard loom because there aren’t any notches to secure your yarn in. (See Instructions Below)

I did try notching a stick with a sharp knife, but honestly, it was just extra work. If you wrap your yarn securely around the stick, it holds just as nicely, with much less effort. 

The most important part is getting a stick that’s sturdy enough that doesn’t bend when you’re making your loom. If it has too much “give” to it, your strings will slip when you’re stringing it and when you’re weaving on it. 

If you’re really lucky, you’ll find a stick with 3 prongs like the one in the photo below. Then you’ll have 3 Y’s to fill in with your weaving!

girl weaving on 3 pronged stickgirl weaving on 3 pronged stick

Go wild with your colours!

We found, the more colours, the better. Don’t worry if the colours compliment each other. We put some really crazy colours together, and every combination turned out great. 

close up 4 colourful stick weaving projectsclose up 4 colourful stick weaving projects

Mix different textures! 

Go for a mix of textures if you like too. Combining fuzzy, nubby and cotton yarns will give you some really interesting results. 

Most of all, have fun!

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Stick Weaving How-To:


  • Sturdy, Y-Shaped Stick
  • Yarn
  • Plastic Sewing Needle
  • Scissors

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Do Stick Weaving

  1. Find a Stick

    Find a sturdy Y-shaped stick that won’t bend or break when you’re stringing it and weaving on it.

  2. Tie on your Yarn

    Begin with an arm’s length piece of yarn. Tie one end of the yarn to a branch, close to the bottom of the Y.

  3. String your Loom

    Take the yarn across to the opposite branch, and wrap it around the branch a couple of times (at least one FULL circle) before coming back across the loom.
    Note: You can either take your string straight across the front and then straight across the back, (see purple yarn in photo) or you can wrap figure-8 style, from the front on one side of the Y to the back on the opposite side (see green yarn in photo) Just make sure you go full circle around the stick each time you cross the loom. When you reach the top of the stick, tie off your yarn and trim the tail. Leave enough to weave in when you’re finished if you wish. Y-shaped sticks strung for weavingY-shaped sticks strung for weaving

  4. Weaving

    Starting close to a branch, at either the top or bottom of the loom, weave in and out of the threads running across the loom. As you work, nudge your weaving over with a finger to close up any gaps. Note: If your threads are in a figure 8 (back to front) pattern, you’ll weave over and under every string. If your threads run across the front and across the back, you can weave on the front strings to make one design, and when you’re finished, you can weave a second design on the back strings. close up 3 pronged stick loomclose up 3 pronged stick loom

  5. Changing Colours

    To change to a new yarn colour, simply tie a new colour on with a double knot, and trim the tails leaving enough to weave into the back of your piece when you’re finished.

  6. Finising

    To finish your project, cut your yarn, and weave it into the back of your design.

3 projects woven on y shaped sticks3 projects woven on y shaped sticks

Aren’t they pretty?

Update: Since writing this post, we’ve also tried paper plate bowl weaving and soda straw weaving, so be sure to check those out too!

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