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Stained Glass Jars with Sharpie Markers

Create the look of stained glass with Sharpie Markers and a Jar
Today we’ll show you how easy it is to create the look of stained glass using Sharpie markers and a glass jar.

We’ve done a ton of Sharpie art projects here in my daycare over the years, and one of the things we love doing with them is creating the look of stained glass.  You can do this with Sharpies and tin foil or with Sharpies and photo paper, and today, we discovered, you can do it with Sharpies and a glass jar.

Recently I did a round up of over 50 baby food jar crafts, so I’ve had jars on my mind.

I really had no idea how this project turn out, but I wanted to experiment with the idea after seeing this faux stained glass luminary over at Crafts by Amanda.  Amanda used glass paints for her project, but I suspected we might be able to do something similar using our Sharpies.

I’m happy to say it worked!  And the results were stunning!

Yes, like any permanent marker, Sharpies will stain clothing, floors and furniture, so make sure your kids are dressed appropriately, and that you protect your work surface when you’re using them.

How to create the look of stained glass with Sharpie Markers and a jar:

sharpie markers and a jarsharpie markers and a jar

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You’ll need:

  • clean, dry glass jar
  • Sharpie Markers (we LOVE the 80’s GLAM line of Sharpies)

That’s it!

Before colouring your jar, wash it in hot soapy water and dry it thoroughly.  You want to remove any residue that could prevent the ink from adhering to the surface of the jar.

Colouring your jar:

Choose whatever pattern or design you want for your jar.  I decided to go with blocks of colour on my jar, and so did my little helper.

colouring a jar with sharpie markerscolouring a jar with sharpie markers

You could choose regular shapes or stripes or circles – whatever you like.

When you’re colouring, try to keep your ink to one layer.  What I mean is: don’t go back over the same area that you’ve already coloured because that second layer tends to lift off the first layer.

Also, when you’re switching colours, try not to overlap.  Not only will you lift the first colour, but if you go over top of blue with a yellow marker, you’re going to end up with blue ink on your yellow marker tip.

Other than keeping your colours separate, there isn’t much more too it.

sharpie markers and a coloured jarsharpie markers and a coloured jar

The hooligans quickly discovered how slippery the glass surface was to colour on.  It’s true.  The marker slides around very easily on the glass.

The older hooligan and I were fine with that, but the 5 year old found it frustrating, and she traded her Sharpies in for paint.  I’ll share that craft another time.

stained glass jar coloured with Sharpiesstained glass jar coloured with Sharpies

When our stained glass jars were finished, we placed them on the window ledge in the sunshine.  I’m not quite sure what I’ll use mine for.  For now, I’m content just to look my at it.  The colours reflected on the white window sill are really gorgeous.

Stained Glass Jar coloured with Sharpie MarkersStained Glass Jar coloured with Sharpie Markers

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