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Spooky SVG for Halloween Crafts

Spooky SVGs on a bag, shirt, in a frame and on a mug

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If you’re batty about Halloween, these two spooky SVGs promise to take your Halloween crafting game to a whole new level of spookiness! This set includes both a Spooky Season SVG and a Spooky Vibes SVG. You can use either one to sprinkle eerie magic on everything from shirts to tote bags, from mugs to posters. Make decorations for a Halloween party. Pair them with glow-in-the-dark vinyl for the ultimate Halloween crafting.

Spooky SVGs

The spooky SVGs are compatible with Cricut and other cutting machines. Buckle your broomsticks and embark on this hauntingly creative journey.

Experiment with Materials: Don’t limit these SVGs to paper and fabric. Think wood, glass, or even edible prints for cakes and cookies!

Play with Colors: While black and white are classic, using neon or holographic vinyl can give a fun twist.

Add Glitters and Glow: Make your crafts shine in the moonlight with glow-in-the-dark or glitter vinyl to amplify the eerie factor.

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Spooky SVGs for Halloween

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“Spooky Season” SVG with a Friendly Ghost

Whispering winds, eerie nights, and… a cute ghost? Yes, you heard that right! Our “Spooky Season” SVG comes with the most adorable ghost ever. This little ghost will turn any mundane item into a Halloween masterpiece.

Spooky Season SVG on a white mug

Old-school Mugs: Sip your pumpkin spice latte or witch’s brew in style. A mug adorned with this SVG screams (perhaps literally) Halloween spirit.

Spooky season SVG on a tote bag

Haunted Tote Bag: Customize tote bags with this spectral design. It’s perfect for groceries, library trips, or a trick-or-treating spree.

Spooky Vibes SVG with a Funky Spider

Retro-inspired “Spooky Vibes” SVG offers a dash of nostalgia and a sprinkle of spook. This SVG has a rad spider making it extra creepy-cool!

Spooky Vibes SVG on a shirt

Glow-in-the-Dark Shirts: Make a funky Halloween shirt with an ethereal being on a tee. Make it glow in the dark with specialty vinyl for an added haunting effect. You’re sure to be the life (or should we say the afterlife?) of the party!

Spooky Vibes SVG in a frame

Vintage Halloween Posters: Transform your space into a Halloween haven by crafting vintage-style posters. Retro’s back, and it’s spookier than ever!