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Spongebob Perler Beads (25+ Patterns)

spongebob squarepants perler beads

Create fun Spongebob perler beads with over 25 patterns! Perfect for kids and fans, these easy patterns will bring Bikini Bottom to your crafting table.

spongebob squarepants perler beads

If you’re a fan of Spongebob Squarepants and love crafting, you’re in for a treat.

Today, we’re combining our love for all things Bikini Bottom with the creative fun of perler beads. Get ready to bring your favorite characters to life with these easy and exciting Spongebob perler beads!

Perler beads are perfect for kids and adults alike, offering a fun way to create pixel art. These Spongebob patterns are simple to follow and incredibly rewarding. Plus, they make for fantastic decorations, gifts, or even just a fun afternoon activity.

In this post, we’ve gathered over 25 amazing perler patterns featuring all your favorite characters from Spongebob Squarepants.

spongebob perler beadsspongebob perler beads

We’ve got the optimistic and always cheerful Spongebob himself as well as his best friend Patrick Star. We’ve also got patterns for the greedy Mr. Krabs, the intelligent Sandy Cheeks, the grumpy Squidward, the mischievous Plankton, the lovable Gary the snail, and even the cautious Mrs. Puff!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show or just looking for a fun new craft, these patterns are sure to bring a smile to your face and a touch of Bikini Bottom to your home. Happy crafting!

If you need a refresher on how to iron perler beads, visit our guide here.

Spongebob Squarepants Perler Beads

Make sure to check out these notes:

A few of these patterns are larger than a 29 x 29 pegboard, so you’ll either need a extra large pegboard (49 x 69 tall) or to put four square pegboards together (or more depending on how wide the pattern is).

Some of the backgrounds below aren’t white – that’s simply to give contrast to the pattern so you can see where all the white beads should go.

I start with the smaller patterns and then move into the larger, more advanced patterns toward the bottom.

Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs

spongebob patrick and mr krabsspongebob patrick and mr krabs

Smiling Spongebob

This pattern uses 144 yellow, 19 sherbet, 37 black, 57 white, 18 pastel blue, 14 butterscotch, 8 cranapple, 3 salmon, 4 red, and 23 brown beads.

standing smiling spongebobstanding smiling spongebob

Smiling Patrick

This pattern uses 198 pink, 21 black, 20 white, 18 red, 29 sour apple, 14 pastel lavender, and 13 kiwi lime beads.

medium patrickmedium patrick

Mr. Krabs

This pattern uses 17 black, 109 red, 12 sage, 24 cherry, 16 white, 5 flamingo, 41 robin’s egg, 10 gray, 6 pastel blue, and 41 pastel lavender beads.

standing Mr Krabsstanding Mr Krabs

Sandy Cheeks

This pattern uses 67 sky (or clear blue), 13 magenta, 53 light brown, 11 yellow, 80 white, 25 cream, 6 black, 14 cherry, 3 flamingo, 27 light gray, 4 brown, 8 red, 4 dark blue, 33 dark gray, and 22 gray beads.

Sandy cheeks standingSandy cheeks standing

Mischievous Plankton

This pattern uses 21 dark spruce, 18 clear, 78 carribbean sea, 37 teal, 4 spice, 4 cream, 6 white, 4 fruit punch, and 2 pink beads.

medium planktonmedium plankton

Judgey Squidward

This pattern uses 142 pastel green, 47 bright green, 6 sherbet, 7 cranapple, 27 orange, 10 blueberry creme, and 6 periwinkle beads.

standing Squidwardstanding Squidward

Pineapple House

This house uses 54 shamrock, 43 kiwi lime, 5 clear blue, 5 clear, 23 cobalt, 124 cheddar, 68 honey, and 51 pastel blue beads.

pineapple housepineapple house

Spongebob with Glasses

This pattern uses 196 yellow, 10 sherbet, 86 black, 45 white, 14 pastel blue, 15 red, and 28 brown beads.

spongebob with glassesspongebob with glasses

Patrick Star

This pattern uses 213 blush, 16 black, 13 white, 2 orange creme, 33 pastel lavender, and 39 kiwi lime beads.

happy patrickhappy patrick

Greedy Krabs

This pattern uses 150 black, 28 white, 136 red, 46 robin’s egg, 10 cheddar, and 49 pastel lavender beads.

Happy mr krabsHappy mr krabs

Gary the Snail

This pattern uses 171 black, 178 salmon, 17 cream, 11 sherbet, 30 pastel lavender, 16 spice, 80 sky, 60 cherry, and 56 pastel green beads.

gary the snailgary the snail

Large Plankton

This pattern uses 46 dark spruce, 62 teal, 14 black, 70 lagoon, 8 cream, 4 spice, 4 white, 4 cherry, and 2 blush beads.

large planktonlarge plankton

Large Spongebob

This pattern uses 235 black, 55 gray, 236 yellow, 27 dark gray, 87 white, 8 pastel blue, 13 red, and 54 brown beads.

large happy spongeboblarge happy spongebob

Excited Patrick

This pattern uses 108 white, 55 pink, 368 flamingo, 86 black, 5 red, 4 peach, 55 pastel green, 20 purple, 38 pastel lavender, and 52 sour apple beads.

large smiling patricklarge smiling patrick

Large Sandy Cheeks

This pattern uses 27 magenta, 33 pink, 191 white, 6 yellow, 170 clear (for the helmet), 28 gingerbread, 14 light brown, 253 black, 113 gray, 33 butterscotch, 13 red, and 3 light blue beads.

large sandy cheekslarge sandy cheeks

Mrs. Puff

This pattern uses 84 cobalt, 28 dark blue, 78 light gray, 31 cheddar, 168 cream, 44 black, 16 white, 57 tan, 3 cotton candy, 12 parrot green, 44 pastel green, 33 cherry, and 87 red beads.

mrs puffmrs puff

Squidward J. Q. Tentacles

This pattern uses 208 black, 168 mint, 19 cream, 5 tomato, 24 honey, 28 butterscotch, 10 yellow, and 6 blueberry creme beads.

large standing squidwardlarge standing squidward

Skipping Spongebob

This pattern uses 219 cheddar, 305 yellow, 227 black, 87 white, 53 light blue, 21 red, 33 cherry, 26 robin’s egg, 19 dark brown, and 33 brown beads.

skipping spongebobskipping spongebob

Shell Shocked

This pattern uses 342 black, 284 yellow, 92 black, 6 pastel blue, 22 red, and 44 brown beads.

screaming spongebobscreaming spongebob

Patrick Yelling

This pattern uses 369 blush, 40 white, 36 black, 67 cranapple, 28 flamingo, 10 salmon, 28 key lime, 177 sour apple, and 47 pastel lavender beads.

patrick yellingpatrick yelling

Catching a Jellyfish

This pattern uses 29 light brown, 42 pink, 8 red, 158 yellow, 42 clear, 7 olive, 71 black, 10 pastel blue, 47 white, 11 cranapple, and 36 brown beads.

Spongebob catching a jellyfishSpongebob catching a jellyfish

I Wumbo

This pattern uses 317 brown, 548 yellow, 116 black, 150 white, 8 pastel blue, 18 light blue, 4 blush, 49 robin’s egg, and 16 red beads.

biggest spongebobbiggest spongebob

Did you enjoy these Spongebob perler beads? Let me know in the comments! I’d love for you to check out these other pattern posts:

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