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Spin Painting for Preschoolers – Happy Hooligans

Spin Painting for Preschoolers - an easy, stunning art process for kids using a simple kitchen gadget - Happy Hooligans
You know what I love about preschool art?  All the wonderful, wacky ways you can create gorgeous masterpieces with everyday, household items.

Take this spin painting process for example.  It’s a simple paper plate craft, made gorgeous with the help of an every day kitchen gadget.
Spin painting is a ton of fun for kids, and the process is great for developing  hand/arm arm muscles and co-ordination!

Although I did this with my younger hooligans, older kids will love this art activity too.


Grab a paper plate, some paint (we use acrylic craft paint), and your salad spinner.

Cut the plate to fit the salad spinner if necessary and tuck it down into the bottom of the spinner.

Drizzle 2 or 3 colours onto the plat, pop the lid on the salad spinner and spin, spin, spin.

I guarantee, the results will amaze your kids!

To see the step-by-step, head over to CBC Parents to see how we do it.
Happy spinning!

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