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Spectacular CD Galaxy Ornaments – Happy Hooligans

Collage of galaxy cds and dvd

Turn your old CDs and DVDs into beautiful galaxy ornaments with a little paint and some creativity. This is a fun art activity for kids and adults alike, and a great way to repurpose CDs that you don’t use anymore.

CD Galaxy Ornaments on black background

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These CD galaxy ornaments are easy to make and a great way to give your old, scratched CDs and DVDs a second life. Hang them on the Christmas tree or display them around the classroom or your child’s room. For kids who love a creative art process, and for anyone passionate about outer space, science and astronomy, this craft will be a huge hit.

Minimal Supplies

The supply list for our ornaments is minimal, making it perfect for those days when you want to keep things simple at the craft-table. All you need are old CDs, a few paint colours and some brushes/tools to create the galaxy effect.

Experiment with different tools and techniques

The fun is in the process with this art activity. To make their galaxy ornament, kids will apply paint to a CD using a variety of simple, interesting tools, and experiment with new paint techniques like sponge-painting, dry brushing, spattering and stippling. They’ll blend and layer their colours to achieve a look that is truly celestial.

Ok! Let’s make some galaxy ornaments!

How to Make CD Galaxy Ornaments


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Use any of the following to sponge, stipple and pounce your paint colours:

Time needed: 30 minutes

CD Galaxy Ornament Instructions

  1. Prep CDs/DVDs

    Brush one side of your CD with a coat of Gesso and letit dry.
    Note: feel free to decorate both sides of your CD with paint. We only painted the label side of our CDs, leaving the shiny, silver back-side unpainted.

  2. Paint CD black

    Next, give your CD or DVD a coat of black paint. If you need a second coat, allow the first coat to dry to prevent lifting it off when you brush over it.
    TIP: A hairdryer will speed up the drying process.

  3. Sponge and pounce

    Using a sponge, pom pom or cotton ball, lightly pounce your coloured paint over the black paint. You can create a circular pattern around the disc, or you can just pounce and sponge randomly. Just make sure the black background remains visible. Let dry.CD painted to look like a galaxyCD painted to look like a galaxy

  4. Dry brush

    Dip a dry, scruffy paintbrush into the white paint and dab off excess until paintbrush is nearly dry. Lightly brush or stipple (dab) sparingly here and there.

  5. Spatter

    Dip a scruffy brush or an old toothbrush into the white paint and dab off excess until brush is nearly dry. Run your fingernail or the handle of a paintbrush across the bristles to spatter fine speckles of white all over the CD. Let dry.

  6. Varnish

    When your CD is dry, brush on a coat of craft varnish to bring your galaxy colours to life and to add a protective sheen to your ornament.

  7. Add a hanger

    Tie a piece of metallic thread through the center of the CD for hanging.

Your beautiful galaxy CD is ready to display!

I hope you’ll enjoy this impressive art activity as much as we did!

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