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Space Crafts for Preschool: Fun for Little Astronauts

space crafts for preschoolers

Introduce your little ones to the awe inspiring mysteries of the universe with these space crafts for preschool!

space crafts for preschoolers

Encouraging curiosity about space at a young age can create a lifelong love for science and discovery. With this in mind, today I’m sharing some out of this world crafts perfect for little ones who are eager to explore.

Outer space themes preschoolers can use for crafts

There are so many space topics that you can explore through crafting with your toddler! Here are some ideas:

  • Astronauts: Brave space travelers in cool suits!
  • Stars: Twinkling lights in the night sky that make shapes called constellations.
  • Planets: Big round things that orbit, or go around, the sun. Our Earth is one of them!
  • Rockets: Super-fast vehicles that take astronauts into space.
  • Aliens: Imaginary friends from other planets that we can make up.
  • Moons: Like our moon that orbits Earth and looks different every night.
  • Space Stations: Places where astronauts live and work in space.
  • Comets and Asteroids: Space rocks that zoom through space.
  • Galaxies: Huge families of stars, and we live in one called the Milky Way.

Is outer space too difficult for preschool kids to understand?

Now, when it comes to learning about space, you’ll want to keep things age-appropriate. Preschoolers can grasp simple concepts like the idea of astronauts exploring space or the basic shapes and colors of planets.

However, topics like black holes, gravity, or light years might be a bit too advanced for them. Instead, focus on getting them excited about outer space and imagining what it is like.

If you think about it, crafting is such a cool way to learn without getting too serious—perfect for toddlers (and parents)! Are you ready to get inspired with my list of outer space crafts for preschool? Scroll down to start your cosmic adventure…

Which of these space crafts for preschool will you be trying first? Let me know in the comments below and then take a look at these other great crafts for toddlers: