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Snowflake Ornaments with craft sticks and buttons

snowflake ornaments made with buttons and craft sticks
Snowflake Ornaments with Craft Sticks and Buttons: an easy, fine-motor Christmas craft for kids.

By now you’ve  probably noticed we get a little excited about Christmas crafting here in my daycare.

As much as we do a lot of crafting throughout the month of December (generally one craft per day), I like to stick to projects that are easy for toddlers and preschoolers to make,  and I like to keep the supply list simple.

We made these snowflake ornaments with craft sticks and buttons the other day.

They were easy enough to make, but they look great, and they provided lots of opportunity for developing those fine-motor skills.

pile of colourful craft stick, button snowflakes

pile of colourful craft stick, button snowflakes

Supplies for craft stick snowflakes:

supplies for snowflake ornaments with craft sticks and buttons

supplies for snowflake ornaments with craft sticks and buttons

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Confession time:  The “craft sticks” you see here are actually Starbucks’ stir sticks.  I grab a few extras every time I’m in there (which thankfully, isn’t often; I don’t get to Starbucks often; we don’t have one around here).  I just love how long and delicate these stir sticks are; perfect for snowflakes!  You could certainly use regular craft sticks to make these ornaments though, if that’s what you have on hand. Mmmmm…  now I’m totally craving a Grande Cafe Americano!

Making our snowflake ornaments:

To start, I used my glue gun to form the stir stick snowflakes.  While I was busy gluing, the hooligans were rifling through the paint drawer choosing the colours for their craft.

Some frustration and how we conquered it:

Painting their snowflakes proved to be more challenging than they thought it might be.  Those stir sticks were pretty darn narrow compared to the regular and jumbo craft sticks we’re used to painting!  The youngest hooligan actually became quite frustrated every time her paint brush slipped off the stick and onto the table, so I coached her through it, assuring her that she was doing a fine job, and that it was absolutely ok if the paint went on the table, and that yes, it WAS tricky to paint such a skinny stick…

painting craft stick snowflake ornamentpainting craft stick snowflake ornament

A little encouragement and positivity can go a long way.  And its important to remember when you’re creating with your child, that the focus not be on perfection or the finished product.  The process of creating, exploring the materials, indulging the senses, getting messy and spending time together are what’s important, and ultimately what your child will remember long after the craft itself has been forgotten.

proudly holding up her snowflake ornamentsproudly holding up her snowflake ornaments

When their snowflakes were dry, they brushed on some glitter glue, and then out came the buttons!
adding glitter glue to craft stick snowflake ornamentadding glitter glue to craft stick snowflake ornament

Ohhh, the buttons!  I love ’em.  The kids love ’em.  Is there anyone who doesn’t love buttons?

playing in a box of buttonsplaying in a box of buttons

Just look at them sinking their hands into that tray.  What a wonderful sensory experience!

The hooligans used a paintbrush and glue to apply their buttons to their sticks.
gluing buttons on snowflake ornamentsgluing buttons on snowflake ornaments

Let your child decide…

Some chose to cover every last bit of their snowflake with buttons, while others were more selective and added them sparingly.

Let your child decide how he wants to decorate his craft.  When a child says “I’m finished”, rather than suggesting they add more of this or that, I simply say “Ok, you’re done?  Are you happy with how it looks?  Occasionally they’ll change their mind and want to continue, but more often than not, when they say they’re done, it’s because their project looks exactly the way they want it to.  We need to respect that.

Even if that snowflake has only 7 buttons on it, those 7 buttons are exactly where your child wanted them to be.  And in all honestly, a few years from now, when you take that little snowflake out to hang it on your Christmas tree, you’ll love it all the more for it’s quirky imperfections.

finished craft stick button snowflake ornamentsfinished craft stick button snowflake ornaments

Aren’t they pretty?  And true to life: no two are exactly alike. 🙂

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