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Simple Recycled Spice Jar Vases – DIY Beautify

spice jar vases, purple flowers, paper rose, gingham napkin

Glass spice jars are reinvented as charming vases. Corral several for a
stunning centerpiece or set individual ones at each place setting. You can’t
go wrong with this easy recycle project!

If you love cheap home decor ideas, and reusing items that would otherwise
head to the trash, then this is a simple project you are sure to love! 

Check out this simple recycled spice jar vase idea

I was about to throw out some empty spice jars when I noticed the embossed
glass along the edge and it stopped me in my tracks! It was one of those “Uh
huh” moments!

I’ve got a few tips and ideas I think you’ll love, so keep reading!


Hot Tip:
Look through your spice cabinet and remove any bottles of expired spices
and extracts. Save all the glass jars to repurpose as mini vases! Don’t
throw out the tops or the plastic shaker tops, see how I used them below!

Removing label adhesive the natural way 

After emptying all the leftover bits of expired spices from the jars, I washed
them in hot, soapy water and remove the labels. My favorite tip for removing
paper labels and adhesive was shared by a reader years ago. Here is how to do

  1. Run spice jars under warm water and peel off any paper that loosens.
  2. Use a
    scrubber (or even your nail) to remove as much of the paper as possible.
  3. Make a paste of olive oil and baking soda (it should be the consistency of
  4. Rub the paste over the stubborn adhesive in small circular motions. The
    olive oil helps to loosen the adhesive, and the abrasiveness of the baking
    soda will remove the rest!
  5. Finish up with another wash in soapy water and set aside to dry.

Don’t forget the shaker tops!

If any of the spice jars you’re reusing have the plastic shaker tops, save
those and give them a wash along with the jars.

Using the shaker tops with the spice jar vases is a great way to position
flowers! Similar to a
flower frog, the small holes will keep the stems contained where you place them!

Shop your yard for flowers and greenery

Save yourself more money and create floral vignettes using items from your own
yard! I snipped some sage stems that had recently flowered, along with some
greenery from our yard. Even a single rose or spring peony would be beautiful
displayed this way!

If you don’t have any flowers in your yard, check along the road and empty
lots for wildflowers. Even flowering weeds look pretty when placed in a vase!

Tips for bringing outside flowers inside

Bring your flowers and greenery into the house and rinse them lightly with
water to remove any bugs. Trim ends of stems and remove any leaves that will
be sitting in water. Fill spice jars 3/4 of the way with fresh, cool water and
place stems.

In just a few minutes, you can have a beautiful centerpiece! I love that these
spice jar vases can serve you all season long in so many ways! Read on for
more creative ways to use these reinvented spice jars.

More ideas for recycled spice jars

  • use them to hold
    seasonal paper straws
    at your next party
  • keep one on your coffee bar to corral
    coffee stirrers
  • save the lids and use glass spice jars to hold small craft and household
    items (like buttons, small nails, paperclips, etc)
  • create cute and colorful party decor (cupcake sprinkles, small gummies,
  • fill jars with dehydrated marshmallows, chocolate chips and
    toffee bits
    for a fun hot chocolate station
  • use them to hold your homegrown, dried spices!

As you can see, there are lots of fun ways to repurpose glass spice jars! I hope
your mind is spinning with creative ideas right now.

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