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Simple Orange Feeders for the Backyard

Orange Cup Bird and Squirrel Feeders

Well, it looks like winter has truly arrived.  We’re experiencing frigid temperatures, high winds, frigid temperatures, and our ground is covered with snow.  At this time of year, here in my daycare, the hooligans and I get thinking about our  neighbourhood birds and squirrels.  We talk about where they keep warm during the cold, winter months, and how difficult it is for them to find food when the grown is covered and everything’s frozen solid.

Then we set about making bird feeders using simple supplies and ingredients that we already have around the house.  We’ve made so many different feeders over the years!  I recently rounded this collection of my favourite homemade feeders, and added a few others I found while surfing the net.

Orange Cup Bird and Squirrel Feeders

Most recently, we made some simple orange feeders using our left-over orange halves and a few odds and ends from the pantry.  Pop over to CBC Parents to see the fun process, and how we distributed them around our yard and garden.


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