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Simple DIY Spring Wreath – My Frugal Adventures

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Simple DIY floral wreath


The sun has finally come out in California and I have been so excited to start freshening things up for Spring and cleaning and starting all sorts of projects.  I really wanted to add some color to the front porch and went on a hunt for a new wreath to hang outside.  I couldn’t really find anything I loved and the ones I did love were way too much money and well… you know the drill.

So as I was aimlessly wandering Michael’s, the kind floral lady suggested I just make my own.  Easy peasy and there are a million flowers to choose from and then I have exactly the size and colors I want.  Done and Done.

She gave me some tips and I trotted off to start picking my flowers.  And by the way there is an explosion of beautiful flowers in the craft stores right now.  I am very happy with the end result and wanted to share this with you just in case your house could use a little something pretty for Spring as well.

How to make a spring wreath

Here goes.

Start by selecting the wreath of your choice- you can choose from tons of wreath forms.  I choose a grapevine wreath because:

A. It was $4.99
B. Doesn’t require as many flowers to fill it in
C. Looks pretty from all sides unlike styrofoam that needs to be completely covered.

Next you want to select your flowers.  The floral lady suggested choosing a mixture of small, medium and large flowers and to select 1-3 colors plus lots of greenery.

how to make a wreath

And this entire wreath took about an hour to make.  So I started by trimming the leaves off the greenery I selected and randomly placed it around the wreath. You can use wire cutters to trim the stems- I found about 2 inches of stem was perfect and I just slipped the leaves into the wreath.

Next I placed the larger flowers I select around the wreath.  I made sure to clip the leaves off the flower branches and placed that randomly around the wreath.  This is where you can be creative- some people might like odd numbers of larger flowers all around the circle, lots of people like all the large flowers bunched together on one side.  I just tried to make the wreath balanced with my flowers and again, sort of tucked in the ends into the wreath form.

making a floral wreath

Once the bigger flowers were placed, I added these small little accent flowers all around the wreath, just tucking them in randomly.  Last but not least, I randomly placed the medium size flowers around where there were holes and just until the wreath looked pretty finished. I recommend actually hanging this up (I placed mine on a doorknob) for the finishing touches as the wreath will look different hanging up than it does flat on your work surface.

Once I was happy with it, I got out the hot glue gun and just secured any loose flowers and leaves with just a dot of glue on the back.

Now you are pretty much there and I wanted just one more dash of color so ribbon is a great addition.  Burlap is pretty for a monochrome or rustic wreath, satin for a fancier wreath or I am a big fan of gingham so this bright green jumped into my cart at Michael’s.

You can tie a large bow at the bottom or I choose the easy way and just wrapped the ribbon around the top, secured a bow about 12 inches from the top of the wreath and hung from a command hook.  Simple.

And all in all with coupons and sales at Michael’s, I spent about $28 on everything from the wreath form to the flowers to the ribbon.  Not bad at all for something I can use over and over again.


Floral wreath DIY

Here are a few things that came in handy for my wreath:

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 2.01.45 PM

Floral Wire Cutter // Hot Glue Gun // Grapevine Wreath // Command Hook

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