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Simple DIY Paper Butterfly Kids Craft

Simple DIY Paper Butterfly Kids Craft

If you’re looking for a fun and easy butterfly craft for your kids, look no further than this adorable paper butterfly! Made from any craft paper, this is perfect for kids of all ages and can be easily customized to their liking.

Whether you opt for brightly colored paper or prefer something more subdued, the paper butterfly is a kids craft that is sure to put a smile on your child’s face. And with its simple construction, it’s a perfect activity for rainy days or lazy afternoons.

red paper butterfly in hands

Paper Butterfly Kids Craft

This papercraft is perfect for both young and old. It’s simple, easy, and most importantly, it’s really fun! All you need is some paper, a pair of scissors, and a few minutes of time. Kids will love making these paper butterflies to decorate around the house or to use as toys.

I love butterflies, and thankfully, so did my kids. Another fun idea is this framed colorful butterfly or even this super cute and easy plastic spoon butterfly. Both of these are adorable and definitely kid-friendly!

white background behind red paper butterfly

What Paper Should I Use to Make This?

I always recommend using thicker paper. When you use thick paper, it will hold its shape and not tear as easily. You can use construction paper, cardstock, or even Bristol board. I avoid using thinner paper, like printer paper because it will likely rip and it doesn’t stay in shape and that prevents the butterfly from looking like a butterfly.

If you want to add some extra pizzazz to your butterflies, you can use metallic paper or even patterned scrapbook paper. Just make sure that whatever paper you use is thick enough so it won’t rip. A good craft paper should be thick enough to hold shape while not being so thick you struggle to fold it into shape.

woman in pink holding red paper butterfly

How Can I Seal This To Last Longer?

Once you have made your butterfly, you can use Mod Podge or even hairspray to seal it. This will help the colors stay vibrant and prevent the paper from tearing. You can also use a spray sealer if you prefer.

To seal with Mod Podge, simply brush a thin layer over the entire surface of the butterfly. Allow it to dry completely before handling. To seal with hairspray, simply spray the butterfly lightly with hairspray and allow it to dry.

Another way to seal this paper butterfly is to use laminate. You can laminate the paper using very thin lamination paper. This will let you still be able to manipulate the paper into place but it will also seal it. It may help to cut the circles out and fold them before laminating, but this is one option that may be a bit harder to work with than others.

paper butterfly sitting on top of tree stump

Can I Decorate the Butterfly?

Yes! You can decorate the butterfly however you’d like. If you want to add some extra design and a pop of wow to your butterflies. Below are a few ideas that I think work great for this project.

  • You can use metallic paper or even patterned scrapbook paper.
  • Use markers, crayons, paint, or even glitter to decorate the wings or edges.
  • Add some foil, fabric, or ribbon to the ends of the antenna or around the edges.
  • For an extra special addition, you can even add some googly eyes for the butterfly or make them using felt or construction paper.
  • Create designs on the wings with swirls of metallic paint or markers.

The possibilities are endless! Just use your imagination and see what you like. The best part is this is practically free, so perfect for using up extra craft supplies from past projects.

paper butterfly on marble counter

What Can This Be Used For?

This butterfly can be used for anything! I love how versatile a craft like this can be. Below are a few ideas that come to mind that would be ideal for your paper butterfly.

  • You can use it as a toy during pretend-play with your kids or even as an example when teaching a lesson about caterpillars and butterflies.
  • Use as a decoration in a classroom, child’s bedroom, or birthday party. Just add a bit of fishing line and hang from the ceiling so they look like they are floating in the area.
  • They can also be put on a wall with poster putty as part of a butterfly swarm for a unique look.
  • If you make a bunch of them, you can string them together to make a butterfly garland or mobile.
  • You could also use this as part of a butterfly-themed birthday party or baby shower.

Get creative and have fun! Make each butterfly totally unique, or copy exact designs on each one. No matter what you do, they are sure to be tons of fun to make.

red paper butterfly on blue paper

Supplies Needed

How to Make a Paper Butterfly

On a lightweight piece of cardstock or your favorite craft paper, trace two circles about 6″ wide. This is the base of your butterfly. On the same paper, you will want to also cut out an extra strip of paper that is ¼’ wide and 8″ long. This will be for the antenna.

circle being traced onto red paper

Fold one of the circles in half, then in half again so it is a small rounded triangle shape. This is just to crease the paper and help divide it for your butterfly wings.

Unfold the circle so it is only folded over half once then set it aside.

Fold the second circle of paper in half, then cut about ½” off of it to make it the same shape, but smaller.

circles folded in half being cut

Now, repeat the same process of folding and unfolding it that you did above for the first piece.

Lay the papers together, with the small half circle on top of the larger one, so the flat edges are lined up.

Now, staple them together at the center so the two pieces are together and each piece is creased in half to create four sides.

blue and white stapler stapling red circles together

Now, fold the sides inward, so they are rounded out on the outside, but obviously create a set of wings. You’ll do this on all four sides until you get the look you are going for.

Now, using that extra strip of paper you cut earlier, fold them in half, and glue the folded half inside the butterfly middle.

antenna being added to paper butterfly

Then, carefully roll the ends downward to create the rolled ends of the antenna until you are happy with the look.

red paper butterfly on yellow surface

More Easy Kids Crafts

I love projects like this for the kids. They are simple but also help them practice motor skills. Make this, or one of the fun ideas below, with your kids this weekend! Make sure that you bookmark the ideas you like, print out their tutorials, or pin them to Pinterest to make soon.

Yield: 1

woman in pink holding red paper butterfly

A simple piece of paper turns into a lovely paper butterfly for the ultimate kid’s craft! Fast, easy, and free to make – it’s a hit!

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
20 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Trace two circles onto the red craft paper that are both 6″ wide.
  2. Cut out the paper circles. two red paper circles on white table
  3. Fold one of the circles in half, then in half again so it is a small rounded triangle shape. Unfold once so it is a half circle with a crease in the middle.
  4. Fold the second circle in half.
  5. Then, cut the outer ½” off to make it smaller. scissors cutting part of circle off
  6. Repeat the process of folding it in half, then in half again, and unfolding as you did with the first circle.
  7. Lay the smaller piece on top of the larger one, so the cut edges are lined up. Then, staple right at the center of where they meet on the edge. blue and white stapler stapling red circles together
  8. Now, unfold so it has four sides.
  9. Then, fold each side inward so they are rounded out to create the two sets of wings for your butterfly. red paper butterfly on white table
  10. Now, cut two strips of the same paper, about ¼” wide and around 8″ long. blue scissors cutting strip of red paper
  11. Fold this in half, and glue the folded end, inside the top of the larger two wings.
  12. Now, roll or curl the ends to make them look like antennae. paper butterfly on tree stump


Make in various sizes then use poster putty to hang on a bedroom wall.

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Finished Project Gallery

paper butterfly laying on white and blue paper

Make several and attach them to a bedroom wall for a nature-inspired look!

red paper butterfly underneath blue paper