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Shell craft for summer, DIY rainbow-colored pineapple

shell craft idea with rainbow colors

Try out this rainbow pineapple shell craft activity. Don´t know what to do with all your shells? We got you covered; this rainbow pineapple Is completely covered in shells. It makes a beautiful wall hanger or gift idea for a loved one. Gather the craft supplies listed below, and let´s start crafting.

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Craft supplies pineapple shell craft


Step-by-step craft instructions

Step 1: Gather the craft supplies. You can use the shells you found at the beach, or if you don´t have a beach nearby, you can use these kinds of craft shells. 

Step 2: Start by creating a pineapple shape from a piece of cardboard. How big you want your pineapple depends on the number of shells you have and would like to use. You can lay the shells on your cardboard and sketch a pineapple shape around with a pencil. When you´re happy with your cardboard pineapple shape, cut your pineapple.

Step 3: Now, we will paint our shells in rainbow colors. First, lay your shells back on your cardboard pineapple shape to see how many shells you need to paint each color. You can use all different colors or just a few.

Rainbow shell craft for kids

Rainbow shell craft for kids

Step 4: Now you know exactly how many shells you need in each color. So, we will lay our shells on an old newspaper or a tablecloth and paint each shell in the desired color. Your shells might need a second layer of paint. For the best coverage, I recommend using acrylic paint. Let the paint dry!

Step 5: When the Paint on your shells is drying, we will create the crown of your pineapple. For this, you need green paper. Cut many long green leaf shapes from your paper in different sizes. Glue them together on the top of your pineapple (backside).

Step 6: If you want, you can curl the points of the pineapple leaves to get some dimension. Hold the scissors blade and paper strip flat against your thumb to make a slight curl in your paper strip, then gently pull the strip to curl it. The same way how you can curl ribbon.

Step 7: Last but not least, let´s decorate the pineapple with rainbow shells. To make sure they stick well, I recommend using a glue gun. The hot glue will make sure the different craft materials stick well.

Great job on this pineapple shell craft activity. Looking for more shell craft ideas for summer? What about these amazing polka-dot crabs created from shells? 

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Shell craft for kids

Rainbow shell craft for kids