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Self Portrait Crafts for Kids from Toddlers to Tweens

8 Self-Portrait Crafts for Kids

Here are 8 fun and easy self portrait crafts and art activities for kids to do at home, craft camp, daycare or in the classroom. 

My daycare kids are crazy about arts and crafts of any kind, but one of their favourite art activities is making self portraits. We’ve made a number of them over the years, and I thought I would share a few of our favourites with you today.

Kids can get creative with different materials and mediums

Self portraits are a fun and creative way for kids to create their likeness using different mediums. They can be simple and one dimensional, made with just paint and paper, but the hooligans love it best when I provide them with a variety of interesting materials and art supplies to make their self portraits with.

Great way for kids to observe facial structure and features

A self portrait is also a great way for kids to study and make observations about facial structure and features. I love listening to the conversations the children have as they’re working on their self portraits. They’ll often be discussing eye and hair colour, freckles and dimples, the shape of their eyes and eyebrows etc.

Creative Projects for Kids of All Ages

Below, you’ll find 8 of our favourite self portrait projects. Most were made by the hooligans here in my daycare, but I’ve also included a couple of terrific ideas from two of my favourite kid bloggers.

Some of these projects easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers, and a few are perfect for older kids who like to spend a little more time at the craft table.

I hope your kids have as much fun with these as we did!

8 Self-Portrait Crafts for Kids8 Self-Portrait Crafts for Kids

8 Self Portrait Crafts for Kids from Toddlers to Tweens

Nature Faces - Outdoor Art for Kids - Happy HooligansNature Faces - Outdoor Art for Kids - Happy Hooligans

Nature Faces – a Self Portrait Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Making self portraits with items from nature is a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers. They’ll have the chance to explore leaves and flowers from your garden while they create an image of themselves on cardboard.

Paper Plate Self-Portrait collagePaper Plate Self-Portrait collage

Paper Plate Self Portrait Craft

This paper plate self-portrait craft was a huge hit with the hooligans. Kids can use paint, yarn and a variety of crafty odds and ends like ribbons and gemstones to create their likeness on a paper plate with this easy art activity.

cereal box self portraits outsidecereal box self portraits outside

Cereal Box Self Portraits

Our cereal box self portraits are the simplest self portraits we’ve made.  All you need is paint and a cereal box. It’s a quick and easy art activity for toddlers and preschoolers, but older kids will love it too.

Homemade Paddle PuppetsHomemade Paddle Puppets

Paddle Puppets

Paddle Puppets are so easy to make, and a fun way for kids to turn make with their own face on it. They can be used for role play or puppet shows, and can be made reversible by painting both sides of the paddle.

styrofoam head self portraits kidsstyrofoam head self portraits kids

Styrofoam Head Self Portrait Activity

Hands down, our styrofoam head self portraits continue to be the hooligans’ all-time favourite self-portrait craft. They spent the better part of a morning creating replicas of themselves on styrofoam heads (which you can get at most craft supply stores).  Because it involved some time and advanced fine motor skills (cutting and placing the hair), this art activity is perfect older kids.

3 paint stick dolls3 paint stick dolls

Paint Stick Yarn Dolls

The girls in my daycare love making these paint stick yarn dolls and ask to do it often. Using paint sticks, yarn and markers, kids can recreate their likeness to make a doll for play.

Self Portrait Christmas OrnamentsSelf Portrait Christmas Ornaments

Self-Portrait Christmas Ornaments

Have the kids transform a styrofoam craft ball into their own likeness for an adorable ornament to hang on the Christmas tree! See the How-To here.

Self Portrait on Mirror - kidsSelf Portrait on Mirror - kids

Dry Erase and Mirror Self Portraits

Drawing a self portrait on a mirror is a really fun and creative activity for all ages. All you need are dry-erase markers and a mirror. You can use a small hand mirror like we did here, or your kids can make these standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

self portrait crafts for kids-2self portrait crafts for kids-2

Cheerios Self Portraits

This Cheerios self-portrait activity from The Chaos and The Clutter is really unique and fun. Critical thinking and fine-motor skills are put to work here.

Button Self Portraits

This button self portrait craft from No Time for Flashcards is a wonderful activity for toddlers and preschoolers to do as part of an “all about me” theme.

And there you have it. 8 Great self-portrait projects for your kids to try at home or the classroom! I hope they have as much fun as we had making ours!

More Fun Arts Projects for Kids

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