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Scrape Painting Technique for kids

Scrape Painting with a credit card - happy hooligans
“Scrape Painting” with a credit card – kids can use this simple painting technique to create autumn art or a backdrop for a beautiful fall collage.

Looking for a fun and interesting art process for kids?  Try scrape painting with a credit card! It’s a really easy art technique but it’s so cool! Toddlers and preschoolers will be fascinated to observe what happens when they drag a credit card through a puddle of paint, and older kids will be equally intrigued with the process.

Blending colours this way is so magical and the results are always beautiful.

You may also like our smoosh painting process for creating beautiful fall art.

Scrape Painting with a credit card - happy hooligans

Whenever we try an abstract painting technique, we like to use our finished work as the canvas for another project.

In the past we’ve done that with our smoosh-painting, and apple stamping projects, and today we turned our finished paintings into Autumn collages.

So today we’ve used our scrape painted art as a backdrop for some nature collages.

Supplies needed for your scrape painting project:

acrylic paints and credit cardsacrylic paints and credit cards

  • a “canvas” (we used styrofoam produce trays sterilized in the dishwasher)
  • paints in Fall colours
  • expired credit cards/gift cards
  • items from nature
  • glue

Painting with a credit card:

Lightly drizzle and dot your canvas with paint.  The scraping process spreads the paint thin, so a little paint goes a long way.

Now have your child drag a credit card through all of the paint colours.

preschooler spreading paint with credit cardpreschooler spreading paint with credit card

Doesn’t it look amazing?

paint Colours blended with a credit cardpaint Colours blended with a credit card

Young children tend to enjoy this paint technique so much that they repeat it over and over and end up blending all of their colours into one. Don’t sweat it.  If they love what they’re doing, roll with it.   The most important thing here, is not what the artwork looks like, but that they’re learning and creating, and having fun.  They can always add a few more drops of paint to get those colours streaking through again, like we’re doing here:

drizzling and scraping paint colours togetherdrizzling and scraping paint colours together

 When the hooligans were happy with their work, we left the paintings to dry, and we went for a walk through the neighbourhood to collect items from nature for our our collages.

Autumn collage on srape-painted backgroundAutumn collage on srape-painted background

We gathered leaves, seeds, pods, dried blooms and twigs, and back home, the hooligans glued them to their paintings.

Aren’t they lovely?  What do you think?  Will you give this simple painting technique a try with your kids?

Scrape Painting - a simple painting technique for kids is used as a backdrop for a Fall CollageScrape Painting - a simple painting technique for kids is used as a backdrop for a Fall Collage

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