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Rustic Hanging Paper Fern Made from Book Pages

Old book decoration pinterest image.

Isn’t this adorable? I love this hanging paper fern idea to use an old book instead of throwing it away. Such a cute idea! My goal has always been to make my home beautiful without spending a ton of money.

Things like old books, a bit of glue, and some contact paper can easily turn into a gorgeous item to hang in your home as an added decor item that adds beauty to a room.

Old book decoration pinterest image.
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Hanging Paper Fern

This idea, in my mind, resembles a birdhouse when hanging. A birdhouse inside? I’m all over that bit of beauty without the mess. Of course, it could be just a simple decoration that looks like a fern, or simply a rustic addition to your room.

No matter what you think it looks like, this is just a beautiful and easy addition to your home.

I love repurposing old book pages and have made a ton of beautiful things to add to my home. Just a few weeks ago, I made this decorative feather from book pages.

In the past, I have made beautiful rustic butterfly decorations using old book pages and keys. These were perfect for hanging on the wall or adding to a birthday party theme.

As you can see, old books aren’t something to throw away! They are perfect for putting to good use around your home as decor!

Hanging book decoration by potted planHanging book decoration by potted plan

Can I Paint The Pages of My Fern?

If you don’t want this to be rustic with the pages showing, you may want to paint or add color to the book pages. I can see easily using colored craft paper instead of an old book for this to give some color.

If you want to paint or color the pages, you could definitely do that.

To paint the pages, I would recommend using a watercolor and allowing each page to completely dry before folding/rolling and creating this decoration.

With one side painted and the other side remaining the faded color of an old book, it adds even more depth to the project. Using green paint will make this look more like a real fern.

Rolled paper book decoration against siding wall

I love the idea of making decorative flowers from old books and painting them different colors for a bouquet. You could also use this tutorial for how to make a flower decoration out of an old book and mix and match the different styles into a bouquet.

Ways to Dress Up This Hanging Book Decoration

So, you’ve made this hanging paper fern but not sure what to do with it? Of course, you can hang it anywhere in your home, but maybe you want to add a bit of oomph to the look.

Perhaps the rustic pages aren’t exactly a good match to the rest of your home decor. In that case, check out some of the ideas I thought of below to add more variety to your decoration.

  • Use a brightly colored contact paper on the outside binding to add color.
  • Coat the pages with white glue and sprinkle glitter on them to make it sparkle.
  • Paint the pages as mentioned above.
  • Use ribbon instead of rope or twine for hanging the decoration.
  • Add monogram stickers to the bookbinding on the outside.
Hanging book decoration above desk with book and glassesHanging book decoration above desk with book and glasses

For a more complex decoration, you can use book pages to create these paper angel wings. Such a beautiful addition to any room, but especially around the holidays.

Of course, I also love the idea of using the book as a whole to create this folded page heart idea for a gift or around Valentine’s Day.

Supplies Needed

  • An old book
  • Cardboard
  • Contact paper
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or craft glue
Supplies needed for old book decor hanging decorationSupplies needed for old book decor hanging decoration

How to Make Hanging Paper Fern Decoration

To begin, you will use your book to trace the shape onto a large piece of cardboard.

Tracing book size on cardboardTracing book size on cardboard

Now, you will measure out and cut the cardboard the size of the book, with a 2″ additional width for creating the center binding.

Cutting out cardboard backing for book decorationCutting out cardboard backing for book decoration

Measure your cardboard piece to the contact paper and cut to fit.

Cutting contact paper to size for decorationCutting contact paper to size for decoration

Once you have placed the cardboard onto the contact paper and covered it, you will trim any excess so that the sides and edges are smooth.

Adding cardboard pieces to the contact paperAdding cardboard pieces to the contact paper

Fold the cardboard piece into a book shape. Do this by bending each book page side and creating a 2″ wide binder in the center.

Folding cardboard into book shapeFolding cardboard into book shape

Use your hole punch to add 2 holes on the middle bookbinder, one on each side, for threading your twine through.

Punching holes into cardboard for hanging with twinePunching holes into cardboard for hanging with twine

String the twine through the holes and tie on the underside so the hanging string is on the top side that is covered with contact paper.

Adding twine to book decorationAdding twine to book decoration

Glue a single book page on each side of the cardboard book cover as shown.

Gluing book page onto inside of cardboard bookGluing book page onto inside of cardboard book

Now, you will begin folding your book pages. Add a bit of glue stick on one edge, then fold over matching ends as shown, but leaving open and rounded instead of folded flat.

Gluing and rolling book pagesGluing and rolling book pages

Continue this process attaching each roll together as shown.

Attaching book pages together Attaching book pages together

Once you have 6-7 rolls created, you will repeat the process and attach them together to form a fern frond shape like shown below.

One roll of old book pages joined with glueOne roll of old book pages joined with glue

Do this process three times before moving to add the rolled paper to both inside pages of the book as shown below.

Gluing book pages into placeGluing book pages into place

Attach the three rolls as shown with craft glue along the middle binding.

Gluing book pages in placeGluing book pages in place

Printable Step by Step Photo Tutorial:

Yield: 1

Rustic Hanging Paper Fern Made from Book Pages

Turn an old book into a beautiful hanging paper fern idea! This simple book and paper folding idea is easy to turn into a gorgeous decoration for any room!

Prep Time
10 minutes

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


  • An old book
  • Cardboard
  • Contact paper
  • Rope or twine
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or craft glue


Make this same project using craft paper instead of book pages for a colorful option.