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Home » Rainbow Tassel Wreath | DIY Rainbow Wreath with Yarn Tassels

Rainbow Tassel Wreath | DIY Rainbow Wreath with Yarn Tassels

Rainbow tassel wreath made with colourful yarn

Add a pop of colour to your home with a rainbow tassel wreath! This DIY rainbow wreath is really colourful and SO EASY to make — no previous crafting experience necessary.

Cut lengths of yarn and attach them to a cardboard wreath form. It’s a really simple craft for both kids and adults, and this tassel wreath looks so pretty hanging on the door or wall!

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How to Make a Rainbow Tassel Wreath

Use yarn in a rainbow of colours to make this super pretty tassel wreath! It’s an inexpensive craft that both kids and adults will enjoy making.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Prepare the wreath form and yarn

Step 3: Add the first yarn bundle to the wreath

Step 4: Repeat, adding the rest of the yarn

Step 5: Trim the tassels and add a hanger

Helpful Tips:

  1. Choose colours and shades of yarn you like or that match your home decor. Pastel colours look really nice for spring or a baby’s room.
  2. If your cardboard isn’t thick/strong enough you can glue 2 or 3 layers of thin cardboard together to make the wreath form.

Tassel wreath made with yarn tassels on a wood background

What’s the easiest way to make yarn bundles for the tassel wreath?

We found it easiest to wrap the yarn around a piece of cardboard cut to 8 inches (half the length of the strands). You can also wrap the yarn around a book if you have one the right size.

Wrap the yarn around the cardboard however many times for the number of strands you need (ie. 8 wraps for 8 strands). Then cut across the yarn to create a bundle of 16 inch strands.

How do I keep the tassels from drooping?

If your tassels are flopping down when you hang your wreath, try cutting them a bit shorter. The shorter the tassels, the less they’ll droop.

Alternatively, you could also add more yarn into each of your bundles when you make your wreath. The thicker the tassel, the more the wreath will lay flat on the wall.

Closeup on the rainbow wreath tassels showing the yarn texture

What size rainbow tassel wreath does this make?

Our rainbow tassel wreath has a diameter of about 14 inches.

Do I have to use cardboard for the tassel wreath form?

If you don’t have cardboard you can also use an embroidery hoop or any other type of wreath form to make this tassel wreath. Try using one made from metal or styrofoam. Just keep in mind that the thicker the wreath form, the longer your yarn bundles will need to be.

Making a rainbow door wreath

What type of yarn is used for a tassel wreath?

We used worsted weight yarn (medium, size 4) to make our rainbow tassel wreath. Thicker chunky yarn would also work nicely to create a full looking wreath.

Can I hang this wreath on an outside door?

We recommend hanging your tassel wreath indoors, since yarn doesn’t hold up well to rainy or snowy weather. If you have a covered porch that’s protected from the elements, the wreath will probably last a season outside, but humidity and moisture will still affect it. We think the wreath looks beautiful hanging on an inside door!

DIY rainbow tassel wreath

This rainbow tassel wreath is super cute homemade decor that’s really inexpensive to make. It’s the perfect decoration for home, a party, or celebrating Pride Month!

Homemade tassel wreath in rainbow colours

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