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Potato Print Turkey Craft – Make and Takes

Potato Print Turkey Kids Craft

We are so close to Halloween that I have started to think about Thanksgiving! The kids and I like to start crafting early so we can change out our art wall when the next holiday starts. These fun and easy potato print turkeys we crafted are going up Sunday on the art wall. This was a great craft that all 3 of my kids could enjoy. We all enjoyed making this Thanksgiving craft together.

Potato Print Turkey Craft


  • brown paint
  • potato
  • white card stock
  • googly eyes
  • glue stick
  • orange paper
  • red, green, yellow, blue, and orange paint
  • orange marker- I used a fine point sharpie marker
  • scissors

supplies for turkey craft


  1. Cut a potato in half
  2. Pour brown paint on a plate
  3. Grab your white cardstock paper and have it out too.
  4.  Let the kids dip the potato in the brown paint and make prints.  This will be the turkey’s body.

how to make potato print turkey craft with kids

5. Leave the prints to dry.

6. Once dry I added red, green, yellow, blue, and orange paint to a plate.

7. I dipped the kids fingers in the paint and we added “feathers” to the body of the turkeys.

8. The kids glued on googly eyes.

9. I cut the corner off of a sheet of orange paper to make a beak.  The kids glued these on too.

10. I used my orange fine tip sharpie marker to draw on turkey legs.

potato print turkey craft for Thanksgiving

And that is it!  Now we have a fun Thanksgiving craft to hang up.  The potato print turkey craft was easy to make.  I look forward to more afternoons crafting with the kids.

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*Originally posted 10/28/15