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Pinecone Fall Craft For Kids, Nature Butterfly Puppets

DIY butterfly puppets for kids with nature materials

Try out this fantastic pinecone fall craft for kids. We spotted the first pinecones; YAY! Did you already find some fall goodies where you live?  Even though summer is our favorite season for crafting, it’s  fall. We gathered the first pine cones and turned our pinecones into these cute butterfly stick puppets. We created colorful wings with the mirror paint technique. And I love the bright wings combined with the natural craft materials.

Would you like to create these nature pinecone butterfly puppets? Then, follow the step-by-step craft instructions below.

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Craft supplies pinecone fall craft

Nature craft supplies, pinecones and sticks

Nature craft supplies, pinecones, and sticks

Craft instructions on these nature butterfly puppets

Step 1: Gather the craft supplies above.

Step 2: Start with your butterfly wing. We will use a fun and super easy craft trick to mirror your butterfly wings. Take a sheet of paper (preferably thicker paper) and fold your sheet in half. Open your paper and add paint drops on the right/middle side (see picture step 1). You can use a paintbrush or just squeeze the paintbrush out of your paint tube. Use happy and bright paint colors that combine well.

Step 3: When you have covered the right/middle part of your paper with paint, carefully fold it in half and begin to pet the paper. Press and push the paint between the folded halves of the paper, spreading out the color as much as possible.

Step 4: When you are done squishing, carefully open the paper and check out your squish paint creation. Now, you have a perfectly mirrored artwork. When the paint on your artwork is still wet, you can add some glitter on top. Let it dry.

Step 5: When the artwork is dry, fold your paper in half and cut a nice butterfly wing. See the picture for an example.

Step 6: Glue your pineapple in the middle of your paper wings. Use hot glue to make sure the pineapple sticks well to the paper. Help or supervise your child when using hot glue.

Step 7: Give your butterfly two antennas from a pipe cleaner, twine, or small sticks. Use hot glue to attach the antennas to the pineapple.

Step 8: You can use two googly eyes two give your butterfly that funky look.

Step 9: Last but not least, glue your butterfly on a stick and create a puppet. You can glue your butterfly straight or slightly sideways. Use hot glue to make sure the different materials stick well together.

Fall nature craft with pinecones and sticks from outside

Fall nature craft with pinecones and sticks from outside

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