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Home » Pinecone dinosaurs for fall, a FLUX laser cuter craft and a gift idea!

Pinecone dinosaurs for fall, a FLUX laser cuter craft and a gift idea!

Draw your dinosaur

Step 1: Gather the craft supplies above to create a pinecone dinosaur. You can choose if you would like to make the dinosaurs with a laser printer. Or, if you don´t have a laser printer, you can create the dinosaur with cardboard. You can use the dinosaur template for the outlines of your craft. We highly recommend watching the YouTube video for step-by-step instructions.

Step 2: Use the dinosaur template and scale it up or down to match your pinecone’s size. Or you can sketch your dinosaur on paper.

Step 3: Cut out all the pieces to see if it matches your wood panel or cardboard piece.

Step 4: In the next step, we created our dinosaur in Illustrator. If you´re using the FLUX beamo, you need two different layers: a cutting layer and an engraving layer. The cutting layer is only the outside of your dinosaur (see photo). The engraving layer is the details that the beamo will engrave (see picture). Find our free template right here. Save your design as a cutting layer and engraving layer on your desktop.

Step 5: Start your beamo and connect the beamo to your WIFI.

Step 6: Lay your piece of wood (3 or 5 mm) in the beamo laser printer.

Step 7: Open the FLUX app, called “Beam Studio,” on your laptop (or any device you use).  On the right side is a column with the parameter settings. Set your settings on wood, 3mm cutting (or 5 mm, depending on your wood), and ensure the execute is on 1.

Step 8: Drag your cutting and engraving layers in the Beam Studio and make sure your layers align.

Step 9: In the Beam Studio app, you can find a camera icon (preview button) in the left corner. Click on it and select your entire workspace on the screen, the camera in the beamo previews your slice of wood/work area. Now you can see the wood on your screen. Make sure the dinosaur design fits on the wood, and readjust your dinosaur if necessary.

Step 10: Click the play icon in the top right corner to start the laser printer, it will show you the exact time duration of the laser process.

Step 11: Now, the beamo will start with the engraving layer and color the details of the dinosaur. After the engraving, the beamo will automatically cut out the cutting layer. This might take a couple of minutes; check on the printer regularly to ensure it goes well.

Step 12: You can open the top and check your design when the laser cutter is done.

Beamo laser printer cutting our dinosaur

FLUX laser cuter craft

Step 13: Glue your dinosaur together with a glue gun. If the dinosaur has trouble standing, glue a small piece of wood or a wooden beat underneath for extra support.