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Home » Pinecone dinosaur craft, perfect fall craft for kids!

Pinecone dinosaur craft, perfect fall craft for kids!

Best craft for the fall season


Try out this fantastic Pinecone dinosaur craft activity for kids. Fall is our favorite season to craft because of all nature’s goodies. It´s easy to walk by pine cones during the fall and think of them as landscape fodder, but they make an excellent craft base with which you can do many creative things.

We turned our pinecones into these awesome dinosaurs. If your child is a dinosaur fan, I highly recommend this dinosaur craft. It´s the perfect DIY fall craft activity for kids!

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Pinecone craft for kids dinosaur DIY

Pinecone craft for kids

Supplies pinecone dinosaur craft

Instructions for pinecone dinosaur craft

Step 1: gather the craft supplies above to create your dinosaur craft

Step 2: Before you begin, remove any visible dirt from your pine cone, such as grass, pine needles, or tiny insects. Please give them a quick rinse and let them dry.

Step 4: Start with painting your pinecone in your favorite dinosaur color. Use acrylic paint if you want your paint to cover the pine cone nicely. You can also leave your pine cone in the natural brown color.

Step 5: On cardstock, you´re going to draw the head, tail, and feed of the dinosaur. Make sure the size fits well with the size of your pine cone.

Step 6: With black cardstock, you can give your dinosaur details, like toenails or spikes on his neck or tail.


Step 7: Add details to the dinosaur’s face with a black marker or fine liner. Think about a smile, eyes, and a cute nose. You can also use googly eyes.

Step 8: Layer a few small pieces of cardboard (2X3 CM, depending on the size of your pine cone). This will be the base of your dinosaur to make sure your dinosaur stands straight and doesn´t wiggle or fall over. In the next step, we will glue on the feet of the dinosaur, but these are just for decoration.

Pinecone dinosaur craft

Pinecone dinosaur craft

Great job on this fantastic pinecone dinosaur craft. You might also like these gorgeous pinecone squirrels if you enjoy crafting with pinecone Or try out this lion craft with pinecone manes, a beautiful wall hanger for the kid’s room.