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Home » Personalised Christmas Cards 2020. 5 Expert Tips To Perfect Your Festive Greeting

Personalised Christmas Cards 2020. 5 Expert Tips To Perfect Your Festive Greeting

Personalised Christmas Cards 2020. 5 Expert Tips To Perfect Your Festive Greeting

When you’re faced with a large pile of personalised Christmas cards to write and send to all of your family, friends and acquaintances, it can be challenging to find the perfect festive greeting.

Choosing personalised Christmas cards in 2020 shows that you love the festive season, and that you want to create a good impression with your well wishes of merry cheer.

To make your personalised Christmas cards stand out from the competition, it’s important that you give your message some careful consideration. Scribbling the recipient’s name at the top, and your name at the bottom of the card simply won’t do. Another great idea is to create an e card and send it to your loved ones.

To give each Christmas card that you write a meaningful personal touch doesn’t require a huge amount of effort. Here are 5 helpful tips to perfect the festive greeting in your personalised Christmas cards this year…

1. Christmas Cards For Loved Ones

There’s something rather wonderful about receiving a personalised Christmas card in the post, from someone who is close to your heart. If a loved one is on the recipient list of one of your handwritten Christmas cards, take a moment to think about this person before you put pen to paper. Think about how they make you feel, and reminisce about happy times you have shared with them.

When you have good thoughts in your head and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, you’ll easily be able to translate that into a heartfelt festive greeting to write inside your personalised Christmas cards.

Keep it short, sweet and simple and write a personal message that is thoughtful, funny, motivational or inspirational. Recalling a humorous moment from a previous Christmas, and sharing it with your loved one, is a great way to strengthen the bond between you.

“Wishing you the best Christmas ever! Do you remember how much fun we had that Christmas when…”

“This Christmas let’s cherish all of the things that mean the most to us… family, friendship and chocolate!”

Personalising your Christmas card with anecdotes that warm the cockles of your loved one’s heart is a lovely way to make their day.

2. Joy To One And All

If like most people, your Christmas card list is made up of family, close friends, distant relatives, neighbours and work colleagues, you’ll need to adapt your festive greeting accordingly. The type of seasonal message you typically send to members of your family and close friends may not be appropriate to forward on to your neighbours, workplace colleagues and business associates.

For the majority of people on your personalised Christmas cards list, you’ll need to create a festive greeting that is a little more generic…

Greetings like:

“May your Christmas sparkle with happiness and laughter!”

“Have a wonderful Christmas, and a New Year that brings you an abundance of blessings.”

…and perfect for just about everyone that you know.

3. Family To Family

If you’re the chief writer of all of the personalised Christmas cards in your household, you may want to send a goodwill greeting as a family. This type of seasonal message should be personal but also unified.

“Our family wishes yours a wonderful time filled with love, joy and surprises!” is a perfect greeting for family-to-family personalised Christmas cards in 2020.

If you’re sharing the task of writing out the personalised Christmas cards with your partner, choose a festive goodwill greeting that is short and easy to remember, to ensure each card features the same message inside. You can always add a personal comment, for a specific member of your family, before mailing.

4. Someone Special

When writing a personalised Christmas card to the one who has a special place in your heart, some men (and women) have a problem expressing their love and feelings. Not everyone is a poet who easily conjures up perfect prose with little effort.

You can write a festive greeting that is romantic and sentimental, or a funny message that is sweet and adorable. You can even include winter wonderland song lyrics that perfectly convey the message for you…

“All I want for Christmas is…you!”

If you’re at a distance from your beloved, send them a festive greeting to let them know what you’re wishing for.

“Even though we’re presently apart, Christmas is still special because you’re in my heart. I can’t wait to be with you!” will make your partner feel loved-up.

5. Workplace Connections

Personalised Christmas cards are perfect for creating a good impression with the people that you work or network with, or that you know on a professional level. If your work mates know you well, it’s perfectly acceptable to write a seasonal greeting that reflects your personality and sense of humour.

When sending personalised Christmas cards to clients and customers, it’s best to be general with the sentiment. A personal message like: “May the spirit of Christmas be with you and your loved ones into the New Year!” gives your Christmas card a touch of class.

If you’re the Boss and you’re stuck for inspiration, choose a favourite meaningful quote from a book or poem, to write as a festive greeting. Alternatively, you can quote the words of famous people in history who left behind a lasting impression.

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” —Winston Churchill