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Paracord Dog Leash | How to Make Paracord Leashes for Dogs

Holding a paracord dog leash made with a thin line solomon bar knot

Learn how to make a paracord dog leash using our step by step photo and video tutorials. This paracord leash is really fun to make, and it’s also lightweight and durable!

Whether you’re going on a hike in the forest or a walk around the city park, this stylish DIY paracord dog leash is perfect for your four legged friend! Use simple, beginner friendly knots to make this leash in your (or your dog’s!) favourite colours.

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How to Make a Paracord Dog Leash

Craft your own stylish paracord dog leash! Dog lovers can learn essential knots and techniques for a durable, DIY leash.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Start off the paracord leash

Step 3: Tie a thin line solomon bar knot

Step 4: Repeat the pattern

  • Repeat the knots in step 3, starting with the left knot.

  • Continue this same pattern until the leash is your desired length, or until you have just enough left of colour B to form the leash’s handle (about 6 inches of each cord).

Step 5: Connect the base of the handle

Step 6: Tie knots to form one side of the leash handle

Step 7: Create knots on the other side of the handle

Step 8: Finish off the working cords

Helpful Tips:

  1. It’s always better to start with extra cord, rather than run out, especially with such a long project!
  2. CAUTION: Paracord gets really hot when melted and can burn your skin. Be VERY careful as you melt the cords, and keep your fingers away from the melted areas until they’ve cooled.

Using a paracord leash while on a short city walk

How many feet of paracord is needed for a paracord dog leash?

The exact amount of paracord needed will depend on what knot is used to make the leash. If you use the knot we showed in the tutorial above, you’ll need approximately 10 feet of cord per 1 foot of leash for the main colour. We started with 50 feet of colour A (the main colour, or the working cords).

You’ll also need at least 10 feet of colour B (the stationary cords, or thin line showing through the pattern).

What length of paracord dog leash does this pattern make?

Our paracord dog leash is just over 4-1/2 feet long. Start with longer strands of cords if you’d like a longer leash.

A paracord dog leash and accessories curled up on a wooden background

What’s the best way to make knots with long lengths of paracord?

Pulling the long strands of paracord through the loops can be time consuming and difficult, so we found it best to create bundles. Wrap the ends of the paracord up and hold those bundles in your hands to keep them together.

Creating shorter lengths of paracord makes it a lot easier to tie the knots. You can even wrap an elastic band around the paracord to keep it together more easily, pulling out more of the cord as needed.

Closeup on the pattern of a paracord dog leash

What knot is used to make a paracord dog leash?

We used a thin line solomon bar knot to make our paracord dog leash, which is a variation of the cobra weave. The cobra knot is often used to make paracord bracelets.

However, you can use a different knot if you’d like. A four strand diamond braid will create a round paracord leash.

Can a paracord leash be used to tie up a dog outside?

While this leash is very strong for normal walking purposes, we don’t recommend tying a dog outside with a paracord leash. If left alone, a dog can chew through the paracord.

DIY paracord dog leash

Crafting your own paracord dog leash not only results in a tough and strong accessory, but it’ll also strengthen your bond with your furry BFF! Handmade with care, a paracord leash is all about creating something for your beloved pet that’s both functional and beautiful.

DIY paracord dog leash with beautiful pattern

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