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Home » Paper Plate Poppy Wreath (with Egg Carton Poppies)

Paper Plate Poppy Wreath (with Egg Carton Poppies)

Paper Plate Poppy Wreath (with Egg Carton Poppies)

This Paper Plate Poppy Wreath with its fringed edges and egg carton poppies is an easy but beautiful craft for kids to make for Remembrance Day, Veteran’s Day or Anzac Day.

paper plate poppy wreath with egg carton poppiespaper plate poppy wreath with egg carton poppies

Remember the egg carton poppies we made last week? 

Well, yesterday we used them to make these beautiful paper plate poppy wreaths to honour our veterans for Remembrance Day tomorrow. 

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We’ve made loads of paper plate wreaths in the past, but we did something a little different this time, which I think really took our project up a notch. We fringed the edges of the paper plates and curled them a little to mimic the greenery in a real wreath.

We also cut the centers of our paper plates into leaves and tucked those in among the poppies for an added touch as well.

Great for fine motor skills

Cutting the fringe in the paper plate involves quite a bit of snipping, so it’s great for strengthening fine-motor and scissor skills.

For younger kids:

For kids whose fine-motor skills aren’t quite ready for that, let them make the poppies and do the painting and gluing while an adult or older child cuts the fringe.

I hope your kids enjoy making their Remembrance Day wreaths as much as we did. If you need details for making the egg carton poppies, head over to this post for the how-to. 

Paper Plate Poppy Wreath


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And now your wreath is ready for hanging.

Add a piece of string or yarn and hang your poppy wreath on a door or window for Remembrance Day.

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