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Paper Plate Owls for Preschoolers

paper plate owls
Turn some paper plates and fabric scraps into a bunch of adorable paper plate owls.

Here’s a cute, and easy  fall craft for your kids to make!  We made these paper plate owls on a total whim today when one of the hooligans said she’d like to make some owl crafts.

Since we’re working on our A-Z paper plate crafts series, I thought this would be perfect the Letter O craft in our series.

These owls involved several fun and interesting steps. The kids really enjoyed making them and they turned out so cute.

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To make our paper plate owls, you’ll need:

supplies for making paper plate owls

supplies for making paper plate owls

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  • Paper plates
  • Paint
  • White foam circles or white circles cut from paper (for eyes)
  • small black buttons
  • foam or construction paper (for claws and beaks)
  • Fabric Scraps (in contrasting colours) cut into 2 sets of “wings”, one large set and one smaller set.

Making our owls:

The morning was cool so we started off inside; I began by having the hooligans decorate their plates.  I set out a variety of Crayola paints and the children used several different techniques to apply their paint.

3 methods of toddler painting on a paper plate

3 methods of toddler painting on a paper plate

When our paint was dry (a blast from the hair dryer helped!), we headed outside and decorated our owls.

We tried using various gluing methods.  Glue sticks (not bad), and glue bottles (a bit too tough for little hands to squeeze), but we ended up doing what we usually do, which is dipping paint brushes into a small container of glue, and brushing it onto the project.  This is my favourite way for really young children to use glue.

First they layered on their wings.  For each wing, I had cut two sizes of contrasting fabric swatches. A pointy oval that follows the curve of the paper pate works well.

Once they had their wings where they wanted them, they added their white foam piece eyes, and they added black button to those.

4 paper plate owl craft4 paper plate owl craft

For the final touch they added their feet!  I’d chosen a star-flower type of shape; you’ll see a few of them in this next photo.  I simply cut those in half, and they looked like perfect, little claws!  Those were stickers so the girls merely peeled the backs off, and placed them at the bottom of their plate.

gluing beaks and feet to paper plate owlgluing beaks and feet to paper plate owl

To finish, I taped a loop of yarn to the top-back of the owls so they could be hung up and displayed. 🙂

What do you think?  Aren’t these just the cutest little things you ever did see?

3 paper plate owls hanging in pine tree3 paper plate owls hanging in pine tree

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