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Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft for Preschool

Paper Plate Jelly Fish Craft - Happy Hooligan s
Toddlers and preschoolers will adore this simple paper plate jellyfish craft.  It’s the perfect craft for a preschool ocean theme or if you’re focusing on sea animals at daycare or home.

We’ve made a ton of paper plate crafts here this year. In fact, we’ve just completed our A-Z collection of paper plate crafts – a project which had us make at least one paper plate craft for every letter of the alphabet.  It’s a nice, big round-up so you’ll have all of my paper plate crafts in one place.

For now, I’d like to show you our latest. Our paper plate Jellyfish. Isn’t he adorable?

Paper Plate Jelly Fish Craft - Happy Hooligan s

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We think this craft would be super if you were working on a sea or ocean theme at daycare. You could hang dozens of these little guys from the ceiling or against a bulletin board covered in ocean-blue paper. Remember Finding Nemo? This little fella reminds me of one of the jellies that Dory had to maneuver her way through.

No paper plate? Try coffee filters!

If you don’t have paper plates, don’t worry! We have this coffee filter jelly fish you can make too!

How to Make a Paper Plate Jelly Fish


  • Pink paint (or whatever colour your child prefers)
  • Paper plate cut in half
  • googley eyes
  • glue
  • various lengths of pink ribbon
  • tape
  • pencil

supplies for paper plate craftssupplies for paper plate crafts

Start by painting half of a paper plate. I didn’t photograph this first step. We were doing a several crafts on this morning because these two hooligans are not here often. They’re in full day school now, so it’s only once in a while that they join me for the day. When they do, we craft like crazy because they enjoy it so much, so I was probably busy prepping another craft while they were painting their paper plates for this one.

When the paint on your jellyfish has (give it a blast with the hairdryer if you need to speed things up), have your child tape various lengths of pink ribbon to the bottom of the plate.

Kids making paper plate craftsKids making paper plate crafts

The hooligans worked together on this step. One was the cutter, snipping lengths of ribbon from the skein and piling them up on the table. The other one was the taper. He taped all of those ribbons evenly against the back of the paper plate. This was no easy feat. Sticky tape has a tendency to double over and stick to itself and to your fingers, and to everything BUT the thing you’re trying to stick it too. It was good for a few laughs, but  he got the job done.
preschoolers taping legs on paper plate jelly fishpreschoolers taping legs on paper plate jelly fish

With a little help from his friend, of course.

jelly fish craft made from paper platejelly fish craft made from paper plateAnd the last step was to give our jellyfish a face  A couple of googly eyes and a pencil-drawn did the  trick.

Oh my cuteness!

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