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Paper Plate Apple Craft for Preschoolers

Paper Plate Apple Craft for Preschoolers

This paper plate apple craft is fun and easy to make and perfect for an apple theme in preschool or for a “letter A” craft. 

This apple craft is the first in our A-Z Paper Plate Craft collection!

These paper plate apples are easy to make, and I love that they’re different than most traditional apple crafts I’ve found on the internet.  Most apple crafts, in particular, paper plate apples, show a round apple but our apples are a little different. They’re actually apple cores.  We’ve also painted some of our apples green. Why should red apples get all the glory, right?

Paper Plate Apple Craft for preschoolersPaper Plate Apple Craft for preschoolers

To make our apples a little more interesting, we’ve used coffee beans for the apple seeds, which added a sensory element to our activity.  Coffee beans are fun for little ones to explore, and they smell so good!

Let me show you how we made our apples!

To make this paper plate apple craft, you’ll need: 

  • paper plates
  • red paint
  • green paint
  • paintbrush
  • coffee beans
  • glue
  • stem and leaf from a plant in your garden or from a sprig of artificial flowers

We were set up under a large tree in the backyard on this beautiful fall day.  It’s a wonderful place to sit and craft when the weather is nice.

I gave the hooligans their paper plates and several shades of red and green paint.

The hooligans love blending colours even if the colours are in the same colour family.  Using several shades of the same colour teaches the children about highlights and shadows, and it adds depth and interest to our projects.

To begin, we painted the rims of the paper plate with either our red or green paint.

painted paper platespainted paper plates

Then, we cut a semi-circle into each side of the paper plate to create our apple core shape.

green apple core craftgreen apple core craft

The hooligans added “seeds” to their apple cores, gluing them over the unpainted center of the paper plate.

great apple craft for toddlers great apple craft for toddlers

To complete our apples, we snipped a few stems with leaves from our garden, and we glued those to the tops of our paper plate apples.

green paper plate apple and red paper plate applegreen paper plate apple and red paper plate apple

What a simple and delightful fall craft for little hands.

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