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Painted Poppy Stones for Remembrance Day

40 Hand Painted Poppy Stones laid out vertically on white backdrop

These painted poppy stones are easy to make, and a lovely way to say thank you to a veteran on Remembrance Day.

Hand Painted Poppy Stones for Rememberance Day, Veteran's Day o Anzac Day

I’m so excited to share this Remembrance Day craft with you. I was recently inspired to make these poppy stones after seeing a post in my town’s local Facebook group.

In the group, a fellow I went to school with asked if anyone would be interested in making poppy stones to honour our local veterans this Remembrance Day. He offered to collect the stones and supply the paint if anyone was up for painting them.

The idea was very well-received, with others offering to help collect the stones and suggesting ways the finished stones could be distributed. Before long, a community project was underway!

A community effort…

Stones were collected from the beach and delivered to a local long-term care home, where some eager residents completed step one of the project – painting the stones black.

Then the stones were handed off to local artist and crafter extraordinaire, Lee Higginson, who will take care of painting the poppies on the stones.

Lee happens to be one of my former daycare moms and she knows a thing or two about painting stones. She’s the founder/creator of Fluke Craft, and one of her super-powers is turning natural items – sticks, stones, driftwood etc. into amazing works of art, gifts, and teaching tools and manipulative for local parents, teachers and kids.

Check out her Facebook page and Instagram to see all the cool stuff she makes.

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I was so enamoured by the poppy stone project that I decided to paint a few of my own to donate to the cause, and so I could share the idea with you in case you’d like to do something similar in your community for Veteran’s Day.

Be warned… they’re very addictive!

I have to say, this project was very addictive, and I ended up making 40 poppy stones over the course of a few evenings. I loved making them, I always find painting so relaxing and therapeutic.

I kept my poppy design simple enough for young children to copy, but of course, you can get as detailed as you like with your project.

I hope our poppy stones inspire you to make some of your own.

It’s such a thoughtful and creative way to let our veterans know how much they’re appreciated.

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How to Make Painted Poppy Stones

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Supplies for Poppy Rocks - paint, brushes, smooth beach stoneSupplies for Poppy Rocks - paint, brushes, smooth beach stone



Painted Poppy Stones Instructions

  1. Wash and Dry Stones

    Wash your stones with water (and a bit of dish soap if necessary) to remove dirt/grit. Set them in the sunshine or dry them with a towel. Either way, they’ll dry very quickly.

  2. Paint Stones Black

    Paint the stones black and let them dry.
    Tip: it’s easier to just paint the tops and sides of the stones for now. Leave the bottoms until the tops are finished, varnished and dry.

  3. Paint Poppy Petals

    Paint a red circle on the front of your rock, leaving enough space underneath for your writing. Note: Depending on the quality of your paint, you may need more than one coat for solid coverage.

  4. Add Details to Center of Poppy

    Paint a black circle in the center of the poppy.
    Once dry, add a white dot by dipping the end of a paint brush in white paint and touching it to the center of the black circle.

  5. Add Writing

    Thin some white paint with a bit of water. (I do this by wetting my brush, dipping it into the paint and working it into my brush a little. Write your message across the blank area of your stone.

  6. Varnish

    Once the paint is dry, brush with a coat of craft varnish or sealer. This will add sheen to your rock and really make your paint colours pop. It will also prevent make your paint weather proof and protect it from scuffs and scratches. Allow to dry for a few hours.Varnishing poppy stoneVarnishing poppy stone

  7. Finish the Bottom of the Stone

    When the varnish on top of the stone is fully dry and no longer tacky, paint and varnish the bottom of the stone.

If you’re blessed enough have a veteran in your family, or to personally know one in your community, you can hand-deliver your poppy stone to him or her.

Or you can place your poppy stones around your community’s cenotaph, and veterans who visit the site can help themselves to one.

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