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Paint Chip Apple Tree Craft for Preschoolers

Paint Chip Apple Tree
A few twigs and a handful of paint swatch cards are perfect for putting together a Paint Chip Apple Tree.

We’re doing lots of apple crafts these days here in my home daycare. This apple stamping activity led to our latest fall tree craft. This was a fun way to combine a traditional fall painting activity, colourful paint swatches and a few items from nature.

Paint Chip Apple Tree
Remember the beautiful art we created last week when we were Apple Stamping with Fall Colours?  And remember I said I’d need to think of a way to use this colourful cardboard canvas we made?

apple stamping collageapple stamping collage

Well, here’s what I came up with:  a Paint Chip Apple Tree.

I just love crafting with paint chips.  We have a drawer full of them, and we use them for all kinds of arts and crafts projects.  We’ve made Paint Chip Mosaics, Paint Chip Candy Canes, we use them for cutting practice when working on our scissor skills, and there’s our fine motor game: the Pringle’s Can Paint Swatch Drop.

I used to grab a few paint sample cards whenever I was in the paint section of the hardware store, but one day I asked at a Paint Shop, and the owner was happy to hand over about 25 sleeves of cards in their least popular colours.   They’re not awful colours at all.  They’re just not terribly popular when it comes to room colours – bright orange, navy blue, teal green etc.  Great colours for crafting with!

For our Paint Chip Tree,  we simply gathered some twigs from the backyard, and I cut out a couple of dozen leaves from a variety of green paint swatch cards.

twigs and paint swatches for paint swatch apple treestwigs and paint swatches for paint swatch apple trees

We used our low-heat glue gun to attach the twigs to the apple-stamped backdrop.  The 4-year-old started using our low-heat glue gun when she was about 3.5, and she’s a whiz with it.  The gun doesn’t get hot enough to really burn, but even so, because we were working with really skinny twigs, I gave her a hand so the hot glue wouldn’t drip off the twigs.  I held the twigs, she manned the gun, and we got the job done.

Once the twigs were in place on the cardboard, she used a glue stick to decorate the tree with leaves.twigs and green leaf-shaped paint swatches on apple stamped backgroundtwigs and green leaf-shaped paint swatches on apple stamped background

Simple, sweet and perfect for apple season!

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