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Our 30 Best Sunroom Ideas

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Our 30 Best Sunroom Ideas

A sunroom offers the best of both worlds—views of nature but protection from inclement weather. Whether you’re taking shelter from winter’s bitter chill, staying cool in the middle of a heat wave, or enjoying spring’s spectacular view, anyone who’s lucky enough to have access to a sunroom will return to this space all year round.

Just like any other area in the house, a sunroom should be designed with the utmost care. When decorating this space, you’ll want to lean into pieces that complement the unique indoor-outdoor setting. To help you get started, we’re sharing sunroom ideas from interior designers that’ll transform this underused space into your favorite place to relax.

Add a Table for Everyday Dining

Roger Davies, Dan Fink interiors

Consider transforming your sunroom into a dining area like interior designer Dan Fink did for this space overlooking rolling vineyards. Not only is this perfect for hosting, but it’ll give you and your family the option to dine under the sunshine whenever you want.

Install Some Curtains

Mint Images / GETTY IMAGES

Despite its name and reputation, a sunroom doesn’t have to be sunny all of the time. “Don’t forget to think in detail about window treatments,” says designer Emilie Munroe. “A sunroom always revolves around great light and views, but at certain times of day or year, light will become piercing—so have a plan for how you want to block it effectively.”

Mix and Match Your Pieces

KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Think of a sunroom as a blank canvas: the perfect place to incorporate various sources of design inspiration. “The mix of classical furniture pieces with modern sofas and bright colors plays an important role in a room full of light,” says Gonzalo Bueno of Ten Plus Three. Better yet, deftly mix and match furniture so the room pulls double duty. For example, work in a sofa that is perfect for lounging and a desk, too, so you can have a sunny nook for answering emails.

Make It a Reader’s Retreat

Enviable Designs

A dark and cozy library might be your ideal reading spot in winter—but nothing beats a reading room with a view in the warmer seasons. Employ bookshelves and a daybed—then, just add your favorite book for an afternoon of page-turning.

Bring in Some Plants

Courtesy of HMS Interiors

Nod to the outdoor view by filling the space with plants. “I recommend creating an area for a collection of plants. Since the room is bright, you can also incorporate some bolder colors throughout,” says Mary Patton, a Houston-based designer. With the right plant and flower varieties and complementary colors, you can craft a lush environment that strikes a happy balance between lively and serene.

Install Large Sliding Doors

Joe Fletcher / Butler Armsden Architects

On days when the weather is picture-perfect, you can bring a bit more of the outoors inside by opening up your windows or doors. Large, floor-to-ceiling sliding (or foldable) patio doors—as pictured in this design by Butler Armsden Architects—is an investment you’ll appreciate everytime you use them.

Choose Comfortable Furniture

Park & Oak Design

Just because a sunroom brings the outdoors in doesn’t mean it has to feel like an exterior extension. It’s ultimately important to create a sunroom that looks and functions like a living room. The key? Using comfortable furniture pieces you’d see in traditional interior.

Remember to Use Durable Fabrics

elusivemuse / GETTY IMAGES

Since your sunroom sees much more natural light than your living room, fabric choice matters more. “We love to use perennial fabrics and pillows that won’t fade,” says Hillary Stamm, founder of a California-based design firm HMS Interiors. “This will help keep the space special and gorgeous, but also resistant over time, since the area gets a lot of sun and will feel the weather.”

Have Fun and Infuse Your Personality

Dhanraj Emanuel, Grey Joyner

Make sure to stay true to your own personal aesthetic as you decorate your sunroom. This might mean playing with textures and colors—as done in this design by Grey Joyner—incorporating a mélange of books, candles, and fresh flowers or keeping things simple and streamlined.

Play With Color

Jacob Snavely

You don’t have to shy away from color in your sunroom, especially if a color infusion is part of your aesthetic. Here, vibrant pops of purple, blue, pink, and green come together in a playful but cohesive way.

Consider the View

Joe Fletcher, Butler Armsden Architects.

When decorating your sunroom, select furniture that works with your vista versus against it. For example. “if a coastal view is the center of attention, clear the windows, use low-height furniture and natural materials, and keep the décor to a minimum,” says Melanie Emmen, senior designer at AvantStay. If you have woodsy vistas then maybe you’d consider linen or cotton textiles, an earthy color palette, and warm lighting

Incorporate Mirrors

10’000 Hours / GETTY IMAGES

Sunrooms are bright and airy in nature thanks to their extensive lineup of large windows, so why not accentuate this standout feature with mirrors that make all that light dance? Strategically places mirrors on the walls to brighten and bounce the light and accentuate the view, suggests Lane Thomas, co-founder of Louisiana-based firm Thomas Guy Interiors.

Create Lots of Contrast

Richard Powers, Kligerman Architecture & Design

If you want to make a bold statement in your sunroom, opt for contrast. Here,Kligerman Architecture & Design chose a stark black hue to outline floor-to-ceiling window panes. Light-colored furniture and floors help create balance.

Warm it Up With a Rug

Josh Meredith; Bethany Adams Interiors

To elevate your sunroom, incorporate an oversized rug as pictured in this design by Bethany Adams Interiors. This simple addition creates a sense of grounding while also lending coziness and warmth to the space. Rugs are also a great way to add texture and color.

Paint Your Wood Floors

Jenny Westenhofer

An unexpected way to add personality to your sunroom flooring is to paint wooden floors. This trend is perfect for adding dimension and personality to your space, and it can also serve as a way to cover up floors that need some work.

Incorporate Plenty of Seating

Park & Oak Design

If you want to turn your sunroom into a place for entertaining, double down on seating options, says Elizabeth Gill. “Consider using a sectional or oversized swivel chairs,” she says. “I like utilizing a mix of natural materials with pretty fabrics, which will allow the space to be used in both a casual setting with family or to host friends.”

Add Some Ambient Lighting

John Keeble / GETTY IMAGES

We often think about using our sunrooms during the day—but how will it function at night? “It is important to add some ambient lighting,” says Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios. “Hang a pendant, rather than hardwired light, and have a custom cord cover made to add some character and a sense of playfulness.”

Hang a Cozy Swing

Jill Ochkardt Blaufuss

A sunroom is the perfect place to get a little creative. “Since it’s a bit of a luxury to have this extra space in a home, we love adding in a unique feature that caters to our clients and their family,” says Minnesota-based designer Bria Hammel. Case in point: This well-appointed swing, which offers plenty of fun for the entire family.

Don’t Forget Throw Pillows

Dan Totilca / GETTY IMAGES

A sunroom is the perfect opportunity to let your throw pillows shine! Adding plush furniture that you’ll want to utilize for hours is the perfect way to do so. “Incorporate soft, fluffy pillows that prop elbows, soften corners, and improve sitting depth,” says Michael Cox, founder of New York-based design firm Foley&Cox.

Channel a Sense of Serenity

Tony Soluri

Given the proximity to nature’s beauty, this space offers the perfect place to sit back and take a load off. That said, try to make it feel as serene and inviting as possible. “Remember, this is one of the most ‘outside-in’ rooms of the home, so sit back, breathe deep, and reconnect with friends, Mother Nature, and your inner thoughts,” Cox says

Make Your Ceiling Special

Cara Newhart

We pay so much attention to everything at eye level, but adding a bit of character to your ceiling makes it fun to look up, too. Here, a wooden ceiling creates warmth and texture instantly. Note how it ties into the lower paneling on the walls, as well.

Add a Glass Roof

John Keeble

Another way to dress up your ceiling is to swap in some glass panels. This lets in even more sun and helps you feel immersed in the outdoors.

Give It a Bistro Feel

David Lauer Photography

For a little Europeon infusion, consider transforming your sunroom into a cozy bistro setting. A small table with comfortable chairs is the perfect place to start, and checkerboard flooring can go a long way, too.

Keep It Cohesive With the Rest of Your Home


While you want your sunroom to feel like a space all its own, it’s still important to create cohesion between this sun-drenched room and the rest of your home. You can do this through color stories, textiles, and decorative accents.

Regulate the Temperature

Dan Totilca / Getty Images

Though they’re an extension of your home, sunrooms can still feel hot during summer and cold during winter. When decorating, consider the surrounding climate and adjust accordingly. “[Add] screens in the window for fresh air and cross ventilation, multiple throws for when the breeze gets cool, or a ceiling fan for when the breeze gets warm,” Cox advises. A ceiling fan can help, too.

Add a Welcoming Nook

Joe Fletcher; Butler Armsden Architects

A tucked away nook with plush cushions is another way to incorporate some inventive seating into your sunroom. A large window also allows more light to flood the space while providing sweeping vista views.

Center It Around Conservation

Jeffrey Dungan Architects

Comfy center-facing furniture makes the perfect set-up for conversation—like this design by Jeffrey Dungan Architects. Whether gathering over morning coffee, sunset negronis, or a meal with friends, think about using this space as a special place for socializing.

Add a Working Fireplace

Read McKendree

On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, you may want to consider how to keep this space cozy when the weather drops. A working fireplace is the perfect way to bring both ambience and warmth.

Hang a Hammock


This space gives you a chance to play with an indoor-outdoor aesthetic. Hanging a hammock is a brilliant way to do this, and it makes for an extra cozy spot to dig into that book or nap while the sun washes over you.

Make a Statement With Your Windows

Park & Oak Design

Windows are arguably the star of your sunroom, so why not go the extra mile by making them really shine? In this beautiful room by Park & Oak Design, geometric paned windows with arches pair brilliantly with wicker furniture and fluffy blue throw pillows.