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Nature Art Stamping Activity for Preschoolers

Nature Art Stamping Activity

This nature art stamping activity incorporates a nature hunt and an easy stamped art activity. Perfect for crafty toddlers and preschoolers and so easy to set up!

Playing and creating outdoors provides so many rich learning opportunities for children. Creating nature art is a really fun way for kids to explore natural objects and to observe their intricacies. This fun art activity combines a treasure hunt for natural items with a fun ink stamping art project.

Stamping is an activity that kids of all ages love to do. There’s something so captivating and magical about pressing a stamp into an ink pad and then on to a piece of paper to make a print. As a child, I spent hours, making prints with the rubber stamp set I had, and I love that kids today still enjoy that simple pleasure.

kids stamping art with flowers and leaveskids stamping art with flowers and leaves

We have quite a collection of store-bought stamps and homemade stamps, but stamping with items found in nature is a fun way to make prints too!

Prior to engaging in this nature art stamping activity, you’ll head out on a treasure hunt.

prints made by stamping flowers and leavesprints made by stamping flowers and leavesflower print on paperflower print on paper

This is a great opportunity for kids to engage in some sensory play, paying attention to the way natural objects feel, look and smell. They can even predict what the prints of various items might look like. Bonus, our stamping activity is a great exercise in fine motor practice too.

By using found items in nature for stamping, kids can really observe the different shapes and details of the items they have carefully searched for. 

tray of flowers and leaves for making printstray of flowers and leaves for making prints

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Supplies Needed for Nature Art Stamping: 

Suggested natural items to look for:

  • flowers
  • seed pods
  • leaves
  • pinecones
  • flat stones
  • sticks

How to Create the Nature Art

Prior to creating the nature art, go for a nature treasure hunt in your yard or neighbourhood.  This is a great opportunity to use team work or to hunt for specific items. 

child picking lavendarchild picking lavendar

Younger children can simply collect any items that they like. Whereas older children might like the challenge of finding predetermined objects. These can be open-ended like ‘find something smooth’ or ‘find something rough’, or detailed like ‘find a leaf with many veins’. 

Child holding leaf covered in green inkChild holding leaf covered in green ink

My kids loved going on multiple hunts after first experimenting with the stamping, and finding which items made the most detailed prints such as leaves and flowers. 

Once all nature treasures have been collected, set up a nature art stamping station! 

child making flower stamp on paperchild making flower stamp on paper

On a tray or a table, place some white paper and washable ink pads.

child pressing flower on stamp pad and white paperchild pressing flower on stamp pad and white paper

Children can press their nature treasures into the ink pad, then place on a sheet of paper and press down. When they lift their treasure off of the paper, a replica of their treasure will be revealed on the paper! 

childs hand making pinecone printchilds hand making pinecone print

Print with different textures and shapes, and observe the prints, wondering with your children why certain objects printed better than others. This would be a fun practice to engage in throughout various seasons with items such as acorns, fresh flowers, or evergreen branches. 

flower prints and yellow flowerflower prints and yellow flower

Your kids can even turn to this nature art activity to make homemade gift wrap or gifts.

Look at our bookmarks! Won’t they make a lovely gift for kids to give to parents, grandparents and teachers.

bookmark made by stamping flowers and leavesbookmark made by stamping flowers and leaves

Let the nature art prints dry and enjoy this beautiful outdoor artwork. 

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