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My Studioffice Got FLOR…ed – In My Own Style

FLOR modular rug tiles. They are amazing! So many choices to create your own design, and very easy to install. I use it in my craft room since cleaning is a breeze. If you have pets or kids...this is the rug for you.

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The first room that got a decorating update when we moved into our lake house was my studioffice.  You know that this is where I spend a good deal of time, so we took it on first. I should say, Ed took it on.

He removed the wall-to-wall carpeting and replaced it with laminate plank flooring.  I furnished the room exactly like I had it set up in my previous house. It functions well for me, except for the area rug. It was the perfect fit for the previous room’s rectangular shape, but not in the square room it is in now.

Studioffice before FLOR rug was installed

I tried moving my desk to the very front of the rug, but it looks out of proportion and then this happens every time I sit down at the desk…

How to choose the right size area rug using FLOR modular rug tiles

…the chair wheels get caught on the edge of the rug.

Time for a new rug.  I love the easy, casual look of sisal and wanted to find a rug that would resemble it, but be easy to care for.

I have always been drawn to FLOR modular flooring. I even painted a rug to look like one of FLOR’s design styles on the floor in my previous home’s mudroom.

FLOR rug tiles. Suit Yourself in the color Flax

If you are not familiar with FLOR, they are modular rug tiles that come in many colors, textures and styles. Each tile is sold separately. You create a rug with them in any size or unique style you desire from wall-to-wall to area rugs with adhesive dots. It is so easy, smart and perfect for a DIY’er like me. 🙂

It can be placed over hardwood, vinyl, and laminate. One of the best features for me though is that if you get a stain on it, you simply remove only the tile with the stain on it, wash it out, let dry and place back into the rug.  If the stain does not come out… like bright colored paint that I am always working with and spilling, I can simply order a new tile. 🙂

FLOR rug tiles in the design Suit Yourself and the color is flax

Since I like the look of sisal, I chose the design, Suit Yourself in the color Flax. It has texture like sisal.  To create my 8 x 10 rug, I needed 30 tiles.

How to Install a FLOR Modular Rug

Once you decide on the style and color of tiles you want, putting the tiles together is easy with FLORdots.  A carpenter’s square helps to make sure your rows are squared before sticking them together, but I found I didn’t need it.

If you decide you don’t like your design, it is easy to change. Just remove the FLORdot. No mess or cutting needed when creating an area rug.

designa rug with FLOR modular rug tiles
  1. Lay out the tiles on the floor the way you desire. The tiles give you the freedom to create any design you want. There are arrows on the back of each tile to make it easy if you want to place them in the same direction. I chose to lay them out in a basketweave pattern where every other tile is simply turned.
FLOR area rug adhesive dots

2. The FLOR dots that come with the tiles make installation easy. I had the rug done in 30 mins.

how to install a FLOR area rug

3. Peel off a FLORdot and then lift the corner of one of the tiles on the edge of the rug and slide the FLOR dot under the tile, sticky side up. Line up the edges of the tile with the tic marks on the FLORdot and press down.

flor-modular-rug tiles and how to install them

4. Then adhere the corners of the three remaining tiles to the FLORdot.  Repeat the process for each tile.

5. Once you have all tiles connected, add a FLORdot under the tile seams around the perimeter of the rug.

Tip on how to make installing FLOR rug tiles even easier

TIP:  I found the tic marks on the FLORdots were hard to see, so I used a marker to go over them to make it easier to place them accurately.

FLOR area rug in home office

6. Run a vacuum over the finished rug and you are done. 🙂

FLOR modular rug tiles used in a craft room
FLOR area rug in Suit Yourself - Flax

Much better. 

Now I have to paint the armoire, fan and my sewing station peeking out of this photo on the left. Once these are complete the room will truly be my happy place.

In My Own Style's studioffice with FLOR modular rug tiles
DIY flooring made easy! FLOR modular rug tiles. They are amazing! So many style and color choices to create your own unique design, and very easy to install. I used it in my craft room since cleaning is a breeze. If you have pets or kids...this is the rug for you.

The rug feels so soft and best of all… my chair now rolls easily and no longer gets caught on a too small area rug.

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