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Make This: Pampas Grass Hoop Wreath Instructions

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Collage showing to make a pampas grass hoop wreath.

Decorating with pampas grass is a simple way to add fall style to your home with neutral colors and a minimalist style. I’m obsessed with it! Whether I’m creating a centerpiece, an arrangement, or a wreath, pampas grass has become my go-to material. You’ll love how easy this pampas grass hoop wreath is to put together and how amazing it looks in your home when you’re finished. Keep reading for the how-to pampas grass hoop wreath instructions.

Pampas Grass Wreath Supplies:

This quick and easy DIY wreath is made with just four craft supplies! And it’s so simple to make, you can have completed in less than an hour. To make your own pampas grass wreath, you’ll need:

Supplies needed to make a pampas hoop wreath including a metal hoop ring, pampas grass and floral wire.

Pampas Grass Hoop Wreath Instructions:

Making a pampas grass wreath is a pretty simple process. The key to creating a great wreath with this dried grass is having a sturdy wreath form. The base of my wreath was a metal wreath hoop. It worked perfectly to hold the stems of the grass in place.

Pampas grass hoop wreath.

Before you start creating your pampas grass wreath, it’s a good idea to take a few steps to prepare your grass for crafting:

  • Let the stems rest in the sun. If your pampas grass was shipped to you, it will need a few minutes to acclimate to your environment. After unpacking your grass from the shipping box, place it in a sunny spot for around an hour. The sun will help fluff up the branches.
  • Treat the pampas grass. Since you’ll be moving the grass around as you make your wreath, you may want to take a second to treat the grass with floral protectant spray or hairspray. Simply spray the grass and allow it to dry to keep the leaves from falling off as you build your wreath.

Dried pampas grass.

Step 1:

Once your pampas grass is ready to go, you can start building your wreath. First, cut the stem off the pampas grass up to the section of the stem where the leaves start. Secure the end of the stem to the wreath form with floral wire.

Securing pampas grass to the hoop wreath with floral wire.

Step 2:

Continue adding stems to the wreath form until you’re satisfied with the amount of grass you have on your wreath. You can cover the whole wreath form with pampas grass or half the wreath.

Add more pampas grass to the hoop wreath with floral wire.

Step 3:

When you have your stems secured to the form, start from the bottom and carefully bend the grass stems along the wreath form. Place a short piece of floral wire under the leaves of the grass, along the stem, and secure it in place by twisting the wire in the back of the wreath form. Continue this process with each of the grass stems.

Bending the pampas grass around the hoop wreath.

Step 5:

After all your stems are secured in place, lightly shake the wreath to knock loose any leaves that have come off the stems as you were working. Use a piece of twine to cover the end of the bottom stem by tightly wrapping the twine around the stem.

Wrapping twine around the end of the pampas grass.

Now, hang!

Hang your pampas grass hoop wreath on display.

Pampas grass hoop wreath.

This pampas wreath is a great minimalist piece of decor alongside these painted mini pumpkins or this pampas grass arrangement!

Pampas grass hoop wreath with mini pumpkins.

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