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Make a 100 Days Brighter Shirt for School

DIY 100 Days Brighter Shirt for the 100th Day of School

I’m back with one more idea for a 100th day of school shirt. This 100 Days Brighter shirt uses a cool reverse tie-dye technique and glow in the dark stars on a black shirt. I’ve partnered with Tulip Color to try out their 2-N-1 Reverse Tie-Dye Kit and Glow-in-the-Dark Fabric Paint for this DIY galaxy shirt, and the results are pretty cool! Even if you don’t have a child celebrating 100 days of school, this reverse tie-dye technique is fun to experiment with on any black fabric.

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Supplies for 100 Days Brighter Shirt

Tulip Reverse Tie Dye Kit

How to Reverse Tie Dye

How to reverse tie dye a black shirt

1. Lay your shirt flat. Use your hand or a fork to twist the shirt around the middle, making a wide flat swirl.

How to tie dye a black shirt

2. Gather up the swirl, keeping it as flat as possible so that the dye can reach each part of the shirt.

Galaxy tie dye shirt

3. Use the rubber bands included in the reverse tie dye kit to wrap around the shirt and hold it together.

How to tie die a black shirt

4. Create a protected surface for your reverse tie dye. You can either use a sheet of plastic, or set a rack on top of a tray.

How to tie dye a black shirt with bleach

5. Prepare the Color Changer that comes with the Tulip® 2-N-1 Reverse Tie-Dye Kit and use the gloves included in the kit to apply the Color Changer to the shirt.

How to tie dye a black shirt with bleach

6. Let the shirt sit overnight until the dyed areas of the black shirt turn light. Cut the rubber bands to reveal the reverse tie dye. Wash and dry the shirt according to package directions.

How to do reverse tie dye

7. Prepare the blue and purple tie dye included in the Tulip® 2-N-1 Reverse Tie-Dye Kit. Apply with gloves. Roll up in plastic and let sit for 6-8 hours. Wash and dry according to package directions.

Reverse tie dye black shirt

How to Make a 100 Days Brighter Shirt

Finish your galaxy shirt by applying glow-in-the-dark stars with Tulip® Glow-in-the-Dark Fabric Paint. I added 100 stars and the words “100 Days Brighter” to make it the perfect shirt for the 100th Day of School!

100 Days Brighter Shirt with Glow in the Dark Stars

More 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas

If you have an elementary school child, there is a good chance they will celebrate their 100th day of school! The actual date varies by school, but typically falls sometime between late January and early February. Classes often celebrate with special snacks, poster boards, and shirts all containing 100 things! This 100 Days Brighter Shirt is a fun way to celebrate, and will make a great glow-in-the-dark pajama shirt afterwards!

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