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Macrame Lanyard | DIY Macrame Lanyard Pattern

Colourful DIY macrame lanyards

Have fun making this super cute macrame lanyard! This DIY lanyard is both pretty and functional, and it uses simple knots, making it the perfect project for macrame beginners.

Use our step by step photo and video tutorials to make a macrame lanyard with a beautiful spiral pattern. You only need basic supplies to make this soft and lightweight accessory in your favourite colour!

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How to Make a Macrame Lanyard

Have fun making a macrame lanyard. This cute DIY accessory is a great craft for older kids, tweens, teens, adults, and seniors.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Attach the cords to the clasp

  • Hold two 15 foot pieces of macrame cord together and fold them in half to find the center.Attach the cords to the clasp with a lark’s head knot. To do this, put the center loops down through the d-ring of the keychain clasp and then pull the loops over top of the clasp.Pull on the cords to tighten the knot.
  • Add a piece of tape just below the clasp, securing it to your working surface and covering about 1 inch of the cord.Arrange the cords so that 2 are in the middle, with 1 on either side.

Step 3: Make a half knot spiral

Step 4: Continue making knots

Step 5: Tie knots for the second half of the lanyard

Step 6: Put the lanyard together

Step 7: Finish with a wrapping knot

Helpful Tip:

  • Our keychain clasp has a 1 inch d-ring, but we recommend using a 1/2 inch d-ring clasp. This will fit the lark’s head knot better without it sliding around.

Macrame lanyards made with cotton macrame cord

What knots are used to make a macrame lanyard?

The majority of the lanyard is made with a spiral stitch, also known as a half knot spiral. This knot is made with half of a square knot.

We also used a lark’s head knot to attach the cord to the clasp, and a wrapping (or gathering) knot to finish the lanyard.

How long is this macrame lanyard?

This pattern makes a lanyard that’s 17 inches long, including the clip. Without the clasp, the lanyard is about 16 inches long.

Holding a blue macrame lanyard made with spiral stitch

What type of macrame cord is best for making a lanyard?

We used a 3 strand cotton macrame “rope” with a size of 2mm to make this lanyard. Cotton macrame cord is really strong, but it’s also flexible and soft, making it perfect for these lanyards.

You can also use 3mm or 5mm cord for a thicker lanyard, but you’ll need to cut the cords a bit longer to start with. The thicker the cord, the longer the strand you’ll need.

Blue, red, and yellow macrame lanyards on a wooden background

What do you need to make a macrame lanyard?

You only need 2 main supplies to make this macrame lanyard pattern: a swivel keychain clasp and macrame cord in the colour of your choice.

Besides these items, you’ll use simple equipment like scissors (sharp ones like fabric scissors are recommended), tape, and something to measure the cord with. We like to use a flexible measuring tape, but a ruler will also work.

DIY Macrame Lanyard

This macrame lanyard is SO EASY to make and it’s really comfortable to wear! It’s so fun to make a a wearable craft that you can use every day.

Instructions how to make a macrame lanyard

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