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How to Make Wood Desk Drawer Dividers

Diy Desk drawer dividers

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These wood desk drawer dividers are easy to make with a basic hand saw, wood glue, and molding from the home improvement store. 

This past week I moved my DIY efforts into my studioffice. It needed some major decluttering. When we moved to the lake house over a year ago, I set the room up the same way I had in my previous house. It worked fine for awhile, but not anymore. It is way too cluttered with stuff I no longer need.  The room went on a diet this week.

I will show you all that I did on Monday, but today I wanted to share where I got some of my decluttering inspiration.

The Home Decluttering Diet

My blogging friend Jenn Lifford who blogs at Clean & Scentsible wrote a book that was just published entitled, The Home Decluttering Diet.

The Home Decluttering Diet Book

I found many ideas in Chapter 9 – Slenderizing The Home Office to help me get my studioffice lean and clean, too!

The Home Decluttering Diet

I loved how Jenn organized her desk by making DIY desk drawer dividers.


Back when I first started blogging, I posted about how I covered box lids to organize all the stuff in my desk. They worked great, but I wanted to customize the way the drawer contents were organized even more so that everything had its own place sized just right for every item.

How to Make Wood Desk Drawer Dividers

Wood needed to make desk drawer dividers

supplies needed:

  • 1/4″ hobby boards – sold at the home improvement store in the lumber aisle.
  • Hand saw and miter box
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood glue like Liquid Nails for Small Projects
  • Pencil
Home office desk drawer organizing
  1. Empty drawer of its contents.  Optional: A few years ago I lined the drawer with pages from a book.

2. Measure inside dimensions of drawer and figure out how many sections you want to create. Make sure you make the sections large enough to hold your stuff, like a stapler or pair of scissors. Use painter’s tape to create a the sections if needed to use as a guide. You can remove the tape later.

3. Cut the boards basic saw and miter box. You want each piece to fit snug against each other in the drawer.

4. Once you like the arrangement, remove the boards and paint them white. (This step is optional). Once the paint is dry, place the boards back in and glued the boards together using wood glue.

home office organizing idea for desks

Once glue is dry you can place the items back in the drawer.

Desk drawer organizing idea

One part of my decluttering efforts done. 🙂

Desk drawer organizing idea

I loved these wood drawer dividers so much that I did the same thing for a drawer in my bathroom where I keep all my makeup.

Looking for more drawer organizing ideas?  Check out this post: How to Organize Drawers and More

DIY Desk drawer dividers to make to help you organize every drawer in your home.

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