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How to Make Dryer Vent Pumpkins

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How to Make Dryer Vent Pumpkins

Ever wondered what you could make out of dryer vent ducts?! Okay, maybe not but they make adorable little pumpkins for fall decor in your home!

You can customize them in a million different ways – even a teal colored one would look awesome! For these I used the colors Smokey Beige and Rustic Orange.

Not only are these super cute but they are fun to make! Call up some of your friends and have a wine and craft night ๐Ÿ™‚ If you buy a 8 foot dryer vent duct, you can make 4 pumpkins with it!!

Watch how they are made in this video:


  • Stretch out the dryer vent duct and measure 24 inches (2 feet). Take a scissors and cut around through it. You will probably need a wire cutter to get it completely off.

  • Fold the ends inside on each end.

  • Wrap the dryer vent duct into a circle and hot glue the edges. Hold for 30 seconds. (I found it was easier gluing the bottom part first then the second half.)

  • On a piece of cardboard, spray paint the duct outside and let dry. You will need to spray the top and let dry before you flip and do the bottom.

  • Hot glue on some fall leaves and a wine cork for the pumpkin stem.

  • Tie a bow with a ribbon and hot glue it on.

  • Time to display your pumpkins!