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How to Make a Stunning Paper Garland DIY on a Budget

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paper garland diy

paper garland diy

Hosting a Summer party or looking to brighten up your home? Dive into the world of easy crafts with a stunning paper garland DIY that will add a pop of color and personality to any space.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to create a vibrant lemon and orange paper garland on a budget. From gathering materials to hanging up your masterpiece, you’ll discover how easy and fun it is to craft your own beautiful decor.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and impress your guests with this eye-catching project!

Gather Your Materials

To get started, gather your materials for creating the lemon and orange garland.

You will need:

Create Your Lemon and Orange Shapes

To create your lemon and orange shapes, start by cutting the yellow and orange colored paper into circles. Use a pencil and a glass as template to report a circular shape on the paper, then carefully cut it out with scissors.

make a circle for the lemon garlandmake a circle for the lemon garland

Next, fold the circle shape 3 times to reduce the circle at 1/8 of it’s initial dimension, like a slice of pizza.

fold the shape for the diy lemonfold the shape for the diy lemon

Make two cuts in each side of the folded paper to create the lemon wedges. Your piece of pizza should look like a “T”.

diy lemon garlanddiy lemon garland

Open the paper and lay it flat. You must have the shape of a lemon (or orange) slice.

Add glue on the lemon paper slice and paste it on a white sheet of paper.

glue the lemon sliceglue the lemon slice

Cut the white sheet following the circle shape adding an allowance of 1/8 in. (2-3 mm).

cut the paper to make the lemon slicecut the paper to make the lemon slice

Glue the lemon shape on a yellow paper, and again cut following the circle shape adding an allowance of 1/8 in. (2-3mm).

make paper leaves for the diy garlandmake paper leaves for the diy garland

Now that the lemon slice is made, you can add some leaves. Cut 2 leaf shapes in the green paper, fold them lengthwise and glue them on the back of the fruit slice.

diy paper lemon slicediy paper lemon slice

Repeat this process for as many fruit slices as you would like to include in your DIY paper garland. Once you have all of your shapes ready, you can move on creating a stunning paper display for your space.

I made orange and lemon slices, but you can also use light pink or green paper sheets to make limes and grapefruits.

diy orange and lemon diy orange and lemon

String Your Garland Together

Now that you have all of your lemon and orange shapes cut out and ready to go, it’s time to string your garland together.

make a diy paper garlandmake a diy paper garland

Place the fruits wrong side up, ad a dot of glue on the back and attach the string. Be sure to space them out evenly along the string to create a balanced and visually appealing display.

I used a glue gun, but you can also use regular craft glue or a piece of tape to put your paper garland together.

Once all of your fruits are strung together, you’ll be ready to hang and enjoy your stunning paper garland.

citrus paper garland diycitrus paper garland diy

You can also watch the tutorial of the Paper Garland DIY on Youtube

Hang and Enjoy Your Stunning Paper Garland

Now that you have completed stringing your garland together, it’s time to find the perfect spot to hang it up and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Consider draping it along a mantelpiece, across a window, or even as a colorful backdrop for a special event.

The bright and cheerful colors of the paper fruits will surely bring a touch of whimsy and charm to any room they adorn.

So go ahead, hang up your stunning paper garland, and bask in the delightful ambiance it creates.

summer paper garland diysummer paper garland diy
lemon paper garland diylemon paper garland diy
lemon orange paper garlandlemon orange paper garland

In conclusion, with just a few simple supplies, you can transform your space with a stunning DIY paper garland that exudes summer zest and vibrancy.

Let your creativity shine as you hang this colorful masterpiece and bask in the festive ambiance it brings.

Remember, a DIY Summer decoration can go a long way in elevating your decor without breaking the bank. Unleash your inner artist and spruce up your surroundings with a budget-friendly burst of citrus-inspired charm. So get crafting and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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DIY paper garland DIY paper garland