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How to Make a Star Paper Chains

Star Paper Chains

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Did you make paper chains when you were a kid?  I loved making paper doll paper chains!  With the 4th of July coming, I thought making some star paper chains would be fun to use as festive paper decorations! They would work well for Christmas decor, too. 

These paper chains a fun craft for kids to make!  They can cut them out and decorate each star. 

How to Make Star Paper Chains

A paper star chain is so simple to make! I even have a little template for you to make it even easier. You can make DIY paper chains with just a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. You can use construction paper or copy paper for this paper craft. If you don’t use my template, you will also need a pencil to draw your star. 

star paper chains

You can make different sizes of star paper chains. If you do smaller stars, you can fit more stars in your chain. If you want larger stars, you will have less stars in your chain. 

I made the template in two different sizes.  The larger set fit 4 stars across a page. Since you fold the paper in half, you get two sets of four stars. The smaller set fit 6 stars across with three rows of stars. 

4th of july paper star chains

If you are folding them and drawing them yourself without my template, decide on the size you want. Begin by cutting your paper strips. Fold the paper hotdog style, in half or thirds and cut along those folds to make your strips. Use a ruler if needed to divide them evenly.

Draw your star at one end of the strip of paper.  Now you will accordion fold the paper leaving your star at the top. You’ll want to make a wider part at the tip that connects the stars at the fold. This connects all of the stars together. 

star paper chains with template

Now, just cut the star shape out. Be sure to cut through all the layers of paper. After you cut out your star, unfold it and you will have your star paper chains!  Add some string and hang them as a garland!

Download my free Star Paper Chain template now. 

paper chain stars- 4th of July craft

Try it with different shapes for all of the seasons: hearts, people, Christmas trees, clovers, etc. I’ll be making printable templates for those soon, too!

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