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How to Make a Ninja Valentine Box


This ninja Valentine box for boys (or girls!) is super simple to make and perfect for any LEGO Ninjago fan!

Boy Holding Ninja Valentine Box

Valentine boxes. They’re one of those things I almost forgot existed. I used to make them as a kid, but I’ve been out of that phase for a while. So when Connor brought home a note that said he needed a Valentine’s Box for his party at school, I was sort of at a loss. “What kind of Valentine box are you supposed to bring, buddy?” I asked him.

“I want a ninja,” he replied. Of course he wanted a ninja. He couldn’t just cover a box with red paper and cut a hole in it like the other kids. That would be way too easy!

“My mom is a blogger,” he was thinking,” She’ll figure it out.” Okay, maybe he wasn’t thinking that and actually just really likes ninjas. Either way, I figured that if I could make a Batmobile, I could certainly make a ninja, so a ninja it was.

How to Make a Ninja Valentine Box for Boys

1. Gather your supplies.

This ninja Valentine box only requires a few simple supplies, and you probably already have many of them on hand!

supplies needed to make a ninja valentine box for boys

Tools and Supplies Needed for a Ninja Valentine Box

  • Black Kraft paper
  • Hole punch
  • Transparent tape
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook paper
  • 5/8″ circle punch
  • Gold and black Sharpies
  • Leftover boxes
  • Design- printed on card stock and cut out
  • Duct tape
  • X-acto knife

(In case you’ve never seen the little Ninjago people before, this is what we’re going for.)

2. Wrap the boxes to create the body of the ninja.

I started out by wrapping both of my boxes in the black Kraft paper. I didn’t use any sort of fancy technique or anything; I just wrapped them like I would a gift.

two boxes stacked on top of each other wrapped in black paper

3. Add the designs to the ninja’s shirt.

Next, I wanted to add the design to his “shirt.” I had found a picture on the web, blew it up to the size I wanted, and cut it out. It was blurry, but it didn’t matter since I just wanted to trace it.

4 image collage showing how to draw and fill in the design on the ninja's shirt

I first used my gold Sharpie to outline it (1). Once I had my entire outline (2) I drew around some of the areas I knew I wanted to keep back like the eye and the lines on the face (3). Then all that was left to do was to color in the rest of it with the Sharpie, and I was in business!

4. Cut and glue the ninja’s belt.

Then I added a belt. I simply cut a straight piece of gray scrapbook paper and used my black Sharpie to draw the same kinds of lines that were on my example picture.

bottom half of the finished valentine box

5. Make the Ninjago face.

Now that I had the torso finished, I moved on to the face, which was actually just some eyes and a hood.

For the eye section, I cut out a rectangular piece of yellow scrapbook paper, rounding the edges. I then used my 5/8″ circle punch to punch out two black circles and a hole punch to make some white dots. I cut two eyebrows out of black scrapbook paper and attached everything with tape.

lego ninjago face made out of paper

They really do look like eyes staring up at you, right? Kind of scary. 😉 Next they needed a hood to go around them!

6. Trace and cut the hood for the ninja.

I traced the box that would be the “head” of my ninja onto a piece of black scrapbook paper for sizing purposes  and then sketched out the hood around it. I’m no artist and even I could handle this one, so it’s a pretty easy shape to draw!

two image collage showing how to sketch around the ninja head to make a

7. Assemble the ninja Valentine’s box.

I just had to cut out the hood and tape the eyes behind the hole, and I had my face! Then I taped it onto my smaller box, and it became the head. I attached the head to the “body” with duct tape.

top half of the finished lego ninjago valentine box

8. Create and attach the ninja’s arms.

I made some “arms” for the ninja out of black scrapbook paper and simply taped them to the sides of the box.

side view of the valentine box showing the paper ninja arms

9. Cut the card slot out of the back and personalize.

The ninja part of the box was finished, but I still needed a way for Connor to be able to receive his Valentines!

I used my X-acto knife to cut a slot in the back of the larger box so his friends could drop their Valentines easily. I also cut a flap to remove the cards. While I was working on the back, I added the letters of Con’s name as a final touch.

the backside with a cutout of the valentine box for the cards to fit

And that was that! I think my boy may just have the coolest Valentine’s box in pre-k! 😉 Well, at least he thinks so.

small boy holding the finished valentine ninja card box

A ninja Valentine box is another thing that goes on the list of items I never thought I’d make ever in my whole life, but I have a feeling that with two crazy boys, this may not be the last wild idea they come up with!

I hope your little one enjoys their ninja Valentine box as well! Happy crafting!

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How to Make a Ninja Valentine Box

Did you have to make a Valentine box for your child this year? What did you create?

Thank you so much for following along! Have a wonderful day!

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